Baba Bule Shah, the rebel Sufi Mystic Poet
Satbir Singh Bedi | 12 Mar 2014

Syed Abdullah Shah or as he is popularly known, Baba Bule Shah, a descendant of Prophet Muhammad, was a rebel Sufi Mystic Poet of Punjabi language.

The following couplet written by him gives the detail of his residence:
"Bule Shah da wasan Kasur, Jithe uchi lambi khajoor."  (Bule Shah lives in Kasur where there are tall trees of dates).
Bule Shah was born in the early eighteenth century when Mughal power has declined and there was a period of great turmoil with Sikhs rising in power.  There were frequent clashes between Muslims and Sikhs but Bule Shah was not a bigot. When there was a clash between a Muslim and a Sikh boy, he sided with the latter because he was right.
Bule Shah has penned beautiful Sufi Mystic poetry which was revolutionary in nature and was not liked by Muslim clerics. He wrote, "Bulia, Pee Sharab te kha kabab te baal Haddan di agg te bhann ghar rab da te sab de thagan noon thag."  (O Bule, you drink wine and eat meat and burn the fire of bones and then break the house of God and cheat Him who cheats all.)
Bule shah further says, "Bule naalon chulha changa jis te taam pakaida.  Ral fakiran majlis kiti bhora bhora khaida." (A stove is better than Bule Shah because something can be cooked on it. All the Sufis would come together and eat a bit of morsel.)
Bule Shah was follower of Inayat Shah who belonged to Gardener caste which was considered much below the Syed caste to which Bule Shah belonged but Bule Shah always held his master in high regard.  He would do everything to please Inayat Shah and would even don a woman's clothes to please his master.
Bule Shah wrote, "Beshak Mandir Masjid dha de, Bule Shah eh kahnda par pyar bhariya dil kade na todo, is dil wich dilbar rahenda."  (Bule Shah says that you may break a temple or a mosque but do not break a beloved's heart for in that heart resides the lord.) 
And see the subtlety of this poem written by Bule Shah: 
"Phook Musalaa bhann sut Lota, (Burn the mat over which you pray and break the mug with which you do wazu,) Na pharh tasabi kasa sota."  (Do not hold rosary, bowl and stick).
"Aalam Kahnda de ke hauka, tarak halalon kha murdar, Ishq di navion navin bahaar".

(The world says with a sigh that you eat dead animals rather than Halal.  A new spring of love has come.) 
"Umar gavai wich masitin, andar bharia naal palitin, kade namaz wahdat na kiti, hun kyon karna e dharho dharh."  (You have wasted your life in mosques while your inner being has been full of hatred and jealousy, you never said a single truthful prayer, now that you are going to die, you are praying to God like a mad man.)
"Sijde kardiyan ghas gaye mathe.  Na rab tirath na rab meccae.  Jit wal vekhan yaaro yaar." (Your forehead  has been rubbed hard by bowing at the door of the mosque. God is neither at the pilgrimage centre of the Hindus nor is He at Mecca.  Wherever I see, I find Him.)