Baba Ramdev and the black money controversy
Dhriti | 21 Apr 2011

BABA RAMDEV, whose origin of small village of Haryana who basically started his name in by establishing traditional India Yoga System taking it to masses with modern marketing techniques and who got people of all age group interested in Yoga and directly or indirectly influencing people to join his part of learning or do the same independently but his only interest was that there are many ailments which can be cured by doing simple yoga exercises rather than going in for medical therapy.

Once he was able to establish his thought and action in mass public, he had also opened up the ashram and unit of Ayurveda Clinic called Patanjali. The first controversy he created was putting medicines of Multinational companies into question mark. In this process, he made certain bitter enemies in pharmaceutical industry and certain politicians, who together try to put the contents and combination of Baba Ramdev Patanjali medicines into a question mark. But he came out of the controversy and became bolder.

Now that he had support of some strong politicians, mass support of people, he started interfering in some government policies and at times even suggested how government change policies for betterment and benefit of people? This gave a new status to Baba Ramdev.

His latest controversy which he has come out with packs which is black money of Indian people in Swizz account in heaven countries. He has even stated a total amount slashed in lockers is amounting into lakhs and crores of rupees of which it is brought to India; it can feed people for two years free of cost. It can give free education to all students for 10 years. It can improve economy, improve GDP, curb down prices and also become super power at a faster rate.

Now it has become his normal intension to such type of political advice after every course of Yoga wherever and whenever it is taking place. He is being supported by certain group of people, social activist, NGO’s, political and non- political, industrial houses to fight on such and certain other important issues for welfare of people. Baba Ramdev is also supporting Anna Hazare’s lokpal bill and anti corruption.
Baba Ramdev has also come into soup wherein Income Tax Officials and Enforcement directorate have started enquiry of his 20,000 crore rs. Politicians are asking money devoted to Ramdev is also black money and so on....so on....so on...