Baba Ramdev Insults Dalit Women
Naim Naqvi | 28 Apr 2014

I have no claims to make over Sanskrit language but I can visualize when someone quotes – “Vinash Kale Viprett Budhdhi.” From the mirage, dream and illusions of “Vikas” to Honeymoon with downtrodden, we have come a long way with Narendra Modi and his acolytes. Since long we had been lectured about Women Honor then we read the stories of Snoop Gate and Exiled Wife, her visit of 4-Dham.

 The repertoire is getting rich and richer day by day. And the latest to this series of Strikatha, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has made an addition on Friday in Lucknow.  He resorted to the lowest and the most vulgar attacks against Dalit Women in context of Rahul Gandhi. He said, "Rahul used to go to the dalit households to experience honeymoon. And if he had married a dalit ki beti (dalit girl), then by now, who knows, he might have become the Prime Minister of India. I wonder why he is not marrying a dalit girl. Rahul's tryst with bad luck has just started. He is not inclined to get married to a desi (an Indian) and he and his mother know that the Congress vice-president will not become the Prime Minister if he marries a foreigner.It seems that Rahul is virtually running out of luck." Then the so-called Sadhu hits below the belt. The man who runs ‘Patanjali’ derides the sickness of the middle aged wife of an Late Ex-Prime Minister of India. "Initially I had thought of going to Rae Bareli to campaign against her. But after seeing her ill-health, I decided to pardon her, and now, I would be focussing only on Amethi. And, let me tell you, after the election both Maiyaa (Sonia) and Bhaiyaa (Rahul) would disappear and fade into oblivion. In fact, this election would prove to be the final nail in the coffin of the Congress which has ruined the nation."

Here I could vividly recollect what the national spokesperson of the Akhada Parishad, Baba Hat Yogi had once said: " A decade ago, Ramdev used to move on a bicycle. He even had to struggle to find money to fix his punctured cycle. Now he flies on a chopper. We demand an inquiry into the income and assets of the Ramdev ashram."  This Strongest NaMo supporter can’t see the corruption of BJP ministers and BJP run states but he would cross every limit of decency to malign the Nehru Family. This scribe is not interested to see a friendly match between the allegedly corrupt and proven corrupts of BJP, Congress and other Parties. “Is Hammam men sub Nange Hain.” No one is free of blemish! But Ramdev, a biggest Modi backer who considers himself the Custodian of Pious Indian Traditions has built up a business empire in the name of Yoga and Aryuveda. He talks about bringing back the ‘Kala Dhan’ from Videsh. If you talk about the sources of his immense wealth, his assistant Nepali has to say – “The ashram is making progress because of the support and donations from our followers.” A man is known by the company he keeps - is the least I could say to Naredra Modi.  I don’t know any apology of Ramdev, if it ever comes, would heal the wound he has inflicted upon the psyche of poor Dalit Women.