Baba Ramdev provides alternate leadership
Nidhi | 03 Mar 2011

Power is not determined by office but by the person who occupies the office. By this logic there are not many people in Indian politics who can be called worthy of their chair. Baba Ramdev, should he succeed in electoral politics, can be that man.

POWER IS not indicated the persons who sitting on a big chair or you can say on political chair, power matters when your own people have a faith on you and believe on your work. But I don’t think so today a single man in our politics that have the love and faith of their own people.
I think the person who gained the trust of people was the only one and that was the Gandhiji, on his one voice the whole India stood after him. And the second one in my opinion is Ramdev Baba, well this is my personal thinking I am not putting my thinking on anybody I am just sharing this with you all people. He is the only person after the Gandiji whose voice matters to the people.
Yesterday I was listening his words on Aastha channel, his camp recently in Assam and there were around 5-6 lac people gathered to listen him. Have you ever seen that much population of India stands for any one of the politician?
Congress leader Digvijay Singh commented on the babaji and very next day of his speech the congress government take his words back because they know if they will make babaji a target then they will make hundred crore people against them.
Ramdev babaji and Former IPS officer kiran bedi, they both work in direction to decrease the corruption and help India to bring back their money.
Most of the people in India don’t even understand what the difference between growth and development is. But in his camp in Assam he explains them in a very easy manner like each and every citizen of India will understand what development is.
We need to understand the whole concept of development and growth and for this we need a guide and I think Ramdev Bbabaji can play that role very well.