Baba Ramdev Should be booked for his comments of Dalit-honeymoon!

Undoubtedly Baba Ramdev is one of the excellent Yoga teachers in India. Many have been benefited from his Yoga classes. His research in Ayurvedic medicines also benefited lot of people. However beyond this achievement he could be described as a highly ambitious person who likes TV cameras, keen to stay in the circle of powerful people, posture as one of great patriot of the country, large-mouthed, loves to do various stunts and dramas, famous for tall but hallow claims and infamous for his irresponsible remarks. In nutshell he could be described as an excellent Yoga Guru but much overstated statesman.

Post Ramleela Maidan episode, he became anti-congress and pro-BJP. He claims to have millions of followers who votes as per his choice. That’s why BJP too gives him much importance. General public like me always ignore Ramdev’s high-voltage nonsense talks considering his political participation is a non-issue.

However his remark on Rahul Gandhi regarding Dalit women honeymoon is not only highly derogatory objectionable personal remark on personal character of individual but also highly abusive to Dalit community. According to him Rahul goes to Dalit house for Picnic and honeymoon. He and his aid were defending the honeymoon term citing that it was referred out of context and the term used as a proverb and not in a real sense meaning derogatory.

Before looking in to the context, let’s understand dictionary meaning of ‘Honeymoon’. First meaning is ‘A holiday spent by a newly married couple’. This explicitly means a couple’s holiday to enjoy the sexual moments.

Second meaning is ‘An initial period of enthusiasm or goodwill, typically at the start of new job’. Thus this word most of the time used in such context as initial period of a new government, new Prime Minister/Chief minister/President and even some top executive post.

Thus Honeymoon word can be explained in the above two context only. Now let’s see what Ramdev exactly said. He said that Rahul Gandhi wants to marry a foreign girl to which Sonia Gandhi is objecting because such marriage would affect his anointment of India’s Prime Minister. Sonia ensures that Rahul should marry after being PM or should marry an Indian girl. In the mean time Rahul goes to Dalit’s house for picnic and honeymoon. Had Rahul married a Dalit girl, not only that Dalit woman would have been reach, Rahul could have been PM too.

In the above, I don’t find any context of the second meaning of honeymoon. Rather it is easy to identify that Ramdev has used honeymoon word to do character assassination of Rahul Gandhi and in this process he did highly objectionable character assassination of Dali Women. The meaning is simple that because Rahul Gandhi couldn’t marry now so he…………..

He withdrew this comment after being highly criticized in Timesnow TV by Arnab Goswami, socialist Ranjita Kumari, Kancha Illaha etc. But is it enough? Rahul Gandhi may be a political opponent, but how can one attack his character even ridiculously? Is Dalit community has no prestige? Are Dalit women are cheap? Why BJP is silent? Why Kancha Illaha and Ranjita Kumari satisfied on his withdrawal of comment (he didn’t apologize even!).

According to me even if he apologize, he shouldn’t be let off. Rather he should be booked for insulting Dalit community. He must be served notice by Election Commissioner on ground of spreading derogatory and abusive terms in the polity and society. He must be banned for public speeches. He must be behind the bars for such intentional and irresponsible comments.