Bandhs and strikes are of no use
D A SINGH | 17 Sep 2010

The stage is now set for the debate / discussion. The call attentions or motions or questions are brought before the house by the opposition may be honoured. Let the discussion take place on each item of call attention or motion or question.

THE BANDHS, strikes and creating disturbances have become the order of the day and to put the general public at great inconvenience. The ruler’s approach is to let the strike or bandh reach to the level of their ultimate patience, thereafter curb it by force, if the rulers indicate to do so. The upward communication is defeated by use of force in general. The reason is best known to the rulers. The upward communication is blocked at its roots. The rulers are expected to receive the upward communication to take specific decisions against each demand for acceptance or rejection. The accepted demands are implemented in the committed time and the speaking decision communicated for the rejected demands. Thereafter, the time is ripe enough to enforce the law through force and with specific declaration that the decision had been taken and communicated. This is the real freedom.

The stage is now set for the debate / discussion. The call attentions or motions or questions are brought before the house by the opposition may be honoured. Let the discussion take place on each item of call attention or motion or question. The time is the essence and the environment is to be created by speaker, ministers and the members of the concerned house for timely decisions against such discussions. These decisions are given wide publicity through the paper, electronic medias and the rallies conducted by the parties.

The similar instances of creations of disturbances are being seen in the Parliament and the assemblies. The recent disturbances for two days in the Parliament on the matter to bring down the prices ended up with no results. Neither the party in majority declared any positive steps to contain the prices nor the opposition parties suggested the means for consideration of the house for acceptance or rejection.

Every citizen living or visiting in the area of the bandh had lost a day; the time lost can’t be recovered in the real sense. The citizens are the mute spectators and had suffered the losses and inconveniences during the days of bandhs and wastage of the precious time of the Parliament. There was no end result to contain the prices. Rather there was huge loss to the nation by loss of time. This loss is extremely difficult to quantify. The assessment there off is beyond imagination and the political parties are not prepared to appreciate the quantum.

The non-violent bandhs were the fight for independence against British rule. Now we have adopted the same approach against our own democracy. The bandhs are not the answers to retrieve the price index or to obtain the enforcement of the demands of the group of citizens.
The detailed proceedings of the constitute assembly had been placed on the website of the Lok Sabha. The reading of these proceedings high lights the standard through which the proceedings were held. Sufficient time was allowed and there after the decisions were taken with the consent of the majority and adopted. It is worth noticing that the days and the time for its assembly were decided through majority vote. The every member of the constitute assembly voted as per his will and the decisions were taken every day for each article and its sentence there off.

It is noted with a great concern that at present the agenda of the Parliament for the monsoon session had dealt with only 42 queries out total of 442 and remaining were put off with out discussion and decision there up on. The number of public interest motions remained without proper upward communication and discussion or decision there up on, an action not in the interest of the public. The essence of the rights of the citizens and the directive principles laid in the constitution are put in the back ground. The reason high lighted by the media that the agenda was not completed due to shortage of planned time of the session. In the interest of the democracy and the public the sessions may be planned as per the pending agenda for the disposal of the house.

The members of the Parliament or assembly houses are to project their opinions in their respective houses. The house is to provide the sufficient time for discussion followed by decision by vote of members. The speaker of the houses may allow sufficient time for this purpose. The member may address the house concentrating on the point under consideration and without repetition, thereafter, to be put for voting. The Constitution Article 100 (1) lays down the decision by majority vote for questions debated/discussed.

This is the environment, which is required to be achieved by amending the laws, rules and regulations. The approach of debate / discussion in the democracy will sort out the matters concerning the nation, bandhs, strikes and disturbances. This democratic approach is the mean to achieve the improvements of the administration and matters concerning the nation. The interest of the country lies in purposeful discussion in the houses fallowed by decision by majority vote. Bandhs, strikes and disturbances were only good for seeking the independence.