Baseball Memorabilia - Bats and balls, maketh a difference
Robert Riles | 06 Apr 2008

Baseball memorabilia belongs to the sport that is played by every single person in the United States of America.

Baseball memorabilia belongs to the sport that is played by every single person in the United States of America. Baseball, the game where there are a striker and a pitcher and is played on a unique shaped pitch is the national sport of America and there are many teams that are world champions in this. Just like how cricket souvenirs are famous in most of the world, baseball memorabilia is popular here. Also the collection of Baseball memorabilia includes everything from an autographed ball to a cap worn by a famous player.

There are TV channels dedicated to this sport and people flock the stadiums to watch a baseball match between their favorite teams. Recently, there has been a spurt in the sales of the Baseball memorabilia because there are a couple of new websites which have come up where they sell baseball related objects and items. There are autographed helmets, T shirts, shoes worn by players during a major game and some other products for sale. And people don’t hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to get their hands on one of these. This makes them the proud owners and they get to boast to all their friends and family that they own a piece of history at home.

A Derek Jeter jersey or the bat he used to play with are all cherished items that will go for high prices. Similarly, there are a few pictures of Babe Ruth still available on some websites waiting to be snatched away by a baseball fan. All this goes to show the kind of passion and craze people have towards sports, especially baseball. If one were to scrounge on the net, am sure they would find a hat or a jacket worn by a famous player back in the 1900s up for sale. And some sites while trying to lure people into buying these memorabilia have slashed prices and offer them at a discounted rate. This reflects on the personality of all these people and how much in love with the sport they are. There are also a multitude of photos and photo frames available which are said to belong to players of yesteryears. And there will be thousands of fans waiting in line to make it theirs. Such is the world of sports today where men are said to be more into them than women, atleast sports like football and baseball.

The baseball memorabilia in a person’s house would be priceless, and he would make sure no one touches it or damages it. And some might go to an extent of insuring the same against robbery as they are more valuable than any piece of jewellery. Baseball memorabilia are collected by people from a very young age, right from baseball cards they begin developing their passion towards the sport and as they grow older it grows stronger and stronger. As long as one doesn’t get addicted and over protective of their possessions, there will be a good balance at home.

Written by Robert Riles, owner of   http://www.skyfireproducts.com