"Batteling Life in the Society "
Zahid Hussain Mirani | 05 Mar 2014

Ever since it is a naked truth that some are more equal and are privileged in every field of life but some have been deprived of all basic needs of life. There is jurisdiction of urban and rural areas which are constitutionally defined by the state which distinguished people from each other in all walks of life.

Some of the views that this diversity is natural gift to sustain natural beauty, however; man is born free, therefore; no one can bound him or her to impose any decision. Rural people are treated in treacherous way when they come to any government office. It is because of their get up and social status they are living in.

Nature has gifted enormous resources equally to all creatures but owing to human instinct of self-interest motivation it has divided society in class system where elite and poor are two powerful classes. Elite has power of wealth and poor has favor of population.

Above mentioned statement of unequal distribution of wealth is a clear sign of discrimination within the society. Rural versus Urbanization is getting ground within the society where people belonging to rural area are battling for survival while on the contrary urbanization has fear of life security.

Rural people are completely deprived of all the basic needs of life. They are food producers but they have only fear of hunger, their children have been kept aloof from basic education. 62% of the population is running behind the loaf of meal while the rest of the population is enjoying at the beak of bird. The composition of human society is on class system basis where one class can rule and impose order on the other class by hook or crook. Poor class has to follow all orders whether moral or socially unacceptable.

Critical analysis of right to life within society

It is an evolutionary process which seems an unending journey of human beings. Poorer does feel inferior when he looks at well decorated bunglow and obviously a question roams into his/her mind would that it have been him/her like that of same! It creates an irritation while going through these scenes in life. Life do not stop in any way as it continues the billions years journey of human being. The new world order is that poor has to be poorer and rich will go at the peak. We all see the running transports where some people drive their own vehicles and others waiting for buses, auto rickshaws to reach at destination. The question is here why some used to their own vehicles and others have no such facilities?

Poor people often serve the riches by doing security guards job of them and they take against certain amount by which they support their families. Riches pay amount for their life security and poorer earn for living more to be theirs security guards; no matter what does it standard they are living. Children of rich and poor are born in same natural way but nurturing matters a lot. Children who got birth in silver spoons attending the modern educational schooling while poorer cannot even to think of sending their children to the school owing to insufficient income.

Right to education

I would share my personal experience of a bitter situation I faced while attempting countries challenges job career examinations of central superior services (CSS). I attended government school from primary to higher secondary and went Government College but unfortunately couldn’t attend university as regular student owing to poverty which is a naked truth and I will never forget its impacts on my life. The word superior defines its genioun meaning that something more prestigious than that of others, therefore; CSS is reserved for the superior class of the society we live in. There may be an example who have had qualified CSS living in extreme poverty but more than 90% are those who belongs to an elite class. I tried hard even wanted to join an academy for proper coaching to qualify this examination but no one favored me. I was alone from my area to attempt CSS and was encouraged by the socio-economical crises I had faced throughout my life.

Rural primary education does not accelerate students to join civil service owing to poor academic educational background and I am one of them. My other colleagues were rich and have had all due facilities of life but for my even fair for reaching at the examination was too hard. So the right to education is only for elitist class whose children attend modern schooling and colleges, thereafter these superior positions waiting for those all son of the elitist to rule over the poorer who could not be the part of country’s key positions. The son of farmer cannot be the civil servant as it is ground reality.

Poor performance of primary school teachers would deepen the injuries of education for the whole nation and the time will leave people to mourn on dark future of their children.

Right to politics

The constitution declares equal rights to all citizens living in the state but it is tragedy that equality has been remained a day dram for all the Pakistani citizens. Freedom is squeezed by the law makers and for them law breaking is no more but as a childish game. Everyone can see thousands of its examples in society, especially in Muslim societies where this has been frequently exercised. Politics now has become source of income generation for the blacklisted giants who seeks shelter to hide themselves behind the wall of law. Every politician in Pakistan is business man and has black money business through which he can enter into the political ground and rules over the millions of the people. Politics is profane for a poor person while on the other hand is an oasis for an elitist class. We all see the examples of Pakistani stagnant politics where heredity is predominant on politics. Mr.Bilawal Bhutto has only right to enter politics and as if, Mariam Nazwaz is only a lady who can run the business of the state while the rest of the citizens have to follow whatever the frame laws for the citizens ,no matter whether it is would be effective or not. In Sindh an old feudal lords are ruling even though they are predators of lower middle class.