Beat the Heat that Kills!
createsca | 20 Jun 2009

Project:  Beat the Heat that kills!

Hrithik Roshan

I drink a lot of water through out the day. I love mangoes but refrain from eating too many. I also like the tangy taste of apple juice.

Malaika Arora

In the summer, it's a liquid diet & very light meals for me. Cooling curd rice & lots of coconut water are just perfect. Fortunately for me, my favorite beverage is water.

Rani Mukherjee

I have lot of watermelon, lychee & orange juice, basically fruits which have a lot of water content. Loads of curd are perfect for the summer.

 Abhishek Bachchan

I begin & end my day with a glass of water & orange juice in my favorite.      


But for the Millions

of people who are not, that fortunate in India. It isn't the usual hot summer that melts the tar on the road & reduces the ceiling fan to a hopelessly ineffective instrument. This is a heat that kills. It had by the first few days of June claimed 1,782 victims -- apart from Orissa, 441 in Andhra Pradesh, 220 in Rajasthan & 150 in Uttar Pradesh. It has sent meteorology offices all over the country in a tizzy, recording temperatures that they hadn't in decades. It is already being termed as one of the hottest spells ever affecting places even in the usually cool coastal areas. Some even go as far as to say this could be the all-time longest spell of severe heat.

Scientists confirm that "heat deaths" aren't easy to prove. The heat kills by destroying the cooling system of the body. The body cools itself by secreting sweat that evaporates. But intense heat has the ability to suck up every bit of fluid in the body. Once that happens, the sweating stops & the blood temperature (the usual 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit that you see on the thermometer) starts rising. Once it reaches 106 to 110 degrees, the body starts disintegrating. "You feel faint, disoriented, the liver starts to become dysfunctional, the kidneys get affected and your respiratory system packs up," says J.N. Pande, professor of medicine at the AIIMS, New Delhi.

Let's all make a change

In Delhi the number of deaths by the heat wave this year has touched 90.
Creates.ca team in Delhi & surrounding areas is organizing a Drive to serve Water, Lemon Drinks or Orange Drinks. Be a part of it & try to do whatever you can to save a life.