Beautiful exchange of appreciation between Dilip Kumar and Big B
John F Williams | 20 Dec 2011

Big B was so much thrilled and extremely happy to hear words of appreciation not from any Tom, Dick and Harry but from evergreen actor of the golden period, the tragedy king, Mohammad Yousuf Khan alias Dilip Kumar.

DILIP KUMAR wrote in his blog that Amitabh Bachhan is the only actor in the entire film industry who deserves the most prestigious Oscar award. Big B after reading the touchy blog replied that he doesn’t desire for any other award as he had got one – what Dilip Saheb wrote for me. I don’t think any other reward would be more valuable than Dilip’s appreciation. What a gesture!

Big B further wrote that when he entered into Bollywood there were so many actors but it was only Dilip Saheb who he liked the most and became his inspiration. In his Blog he also narrated that ‘now I can live and die peacefully, your untouched, beautiful appreciation is good enough for me to live on and now I don’t care about any comments from anyone else.

‘What you have commented is good enough for me for the rest of life. Thank you very much Dalip Saheb’. Lastly the Hero of yesteryears wrote that when Saira Banoo, his wife brought him the printout of Big B’s blog he read it again and again and appreciated the comments. Both are great; one is past while the other one is present.