Begging issue needs tangible solutions
Vishnu Mohan | 24 Aug 2013

Based on a report and some personal experience

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Begging issue needs tangible solutions


Some time back during my journey to different parts of India, beggars were found in many places.  Though the number of rich people, semi rich and those living above the poverty line has risen, still there seem to be lots of people engaged in begging.  In a casual manner, I found some beggars are regulars at some marked hotel outside premises where they get free food both the times (afternoon and night).  In many places they do get alms and they are well versed with select tea stalls and snacks stalls which offer them food at subsidized rates.  Two issues clearly divide them from the mainstream population, one is their dress code which is shabby and dirty and the second is their hairstyle having got very little attention.

  Based on a report, there are approximately four million beggars across India who earn as much as Rs.180 crores.  They roughly spend around 20% of their earning on food requirement and as much as 30% on unwanted habits like smoking, drinking, etc.  The remaining 50% goes towards their savings.  This huge amount of saving is not able to improve their condition as the charity and assistance rendered are scattered and disorganized.

One catchy slogan reads like this: “Changing the lives of beggars to a better one, where they can eat, talk, and work to make their life beautiful”.  Dell Social Innovation Challenge has taken up the task of improving the lot of beggars through this slogan.  More can be learnt by visiting their website.

Perhaps, time has come to take the issue of begging seriously and appropriate steps taken to reduce their number for bringing in nice transformation in the society throughout the length and breadth of India. As a solution, more and more organizations like Dell Social Innovation Challenge should come up in different parts of the country. 

Hoping the above favours consideration at the right quarters.