Between the Lines
Shoeb | 12 Jan 2007

Some things will never perish. They existed and they will always exist, come what may. For instance music is one gift that will always be with us. It will never get outdated and will always be cherished. And so would the expression weaved with some winsome lines.
Why this darkness!
I never walked from the lights.
Hundred desires and a wish,
All but lost and before this daybreak.
Why these eyes!
That can’t see through thin walls
built in the air; sand castles and the tumultous shore.
King’s men and Fairy’s child
can’t but leave the rusty crypts.
Caught in a blizzard
and a distant sunshine,
sky on the shoulders
and the swollen feet.
Why did I walk
but without the path!
Would they know when I’ll be there?
A rendezvous with fate
No where to go
It begs for a refuge,
An un broken silence
floats in the air.
Plundering through streets,
it knocks your door.
How can you refuse
when the day is yours.
Thousand whispers
but not any cry;
Some will fall and
some will falter.
And the fear of it all,
How can you escape
when the day is yours.
T’is not the gold,
not the treasures you seek.
A race against time
and not your own.
T’is the art of survival;
the master of you.
And decide it will.
On this day and for the rest.
Those eyes,
Emeralds -
unfathomable and undescribable.
That smile,
Half suppressed,
Like a bride’s face half lit by the moon.
That lovely gait
As if a buck were set free.
How can I stay quite, not me.
Let me be the floor
that touches the feet,
Let me be the drivel
Left by the hands,
Let me be anything but not me,
For this strange feeling seems so odd.