Big enemy of women:TOBACCO
gourav katara | 01 Jul 2009

tobacco is enemy of every peroson in the world. we have to be careful about tobacco

At present time when women empowerment is come in a form of women power.in india the number of working women growing rapidly.
Thats a very good news for our social cultural but behind these facts due to busy schedule, hectic life , work load and most important implementation of foriegn culture smoking and consumption of tobacco product is common and a part of daily rutine
Women use smoking to control anger. Despite all the years of feminism, expression of anger by women remains socially unacceptable.Recently a study shows that More than men, women tend to medicate depression with smoking, use cigarettes to control their weight and their anger
It is believed that nicotine is the main drug producing the mood elevating effect, but there may be others in tobacco smoke with similar effects.
But behind all of these facts they(womens)forget thatLung cancer is the leading cancer killer of women, having surpassed breast cancer in 1987, and smoking puts women and girls at greater risk of a wide range of deadly diseases, including heart attacks, strokes, emphysema and numerous cancers.research has found that smoking causes more breathing difficulties in women than in men. Women smokers reported higher rates of asthma than men, with the prevalence of asthma in women increasing with increasing numbers of cigarettes smoked. The asthma rate was more than one in 10 among those women smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day.  In India where betel quid chewing is widespread among women, oral cancer is more common among women than breast cancer. In addition women also suffer from general respiratory problems. Female smokers are more susceptible to osteoporosis or "brittle bones." Also, smoking during pregnancy significantly increases the chances of the infant dying of sudden infant death syndrome, Spontaneous abortions, delivering a pre-mature baby, delivering a low birth-weight baby, impairing the child's long-term growth and intellectual development.

For all of these things tobacco industry is a big cause who appriciate and encourage women for smoking and other similar things.tobacco compnies lauched many products specaily for females like Female brands, such as Virginia Slims, Capri and Misty.they(tobacco producers)encourage a women by saying thatsmoking being tied to independence, stylishness, weight control, sophistication and power.
Tobacco compnies who produce tobacco products in large scale encourage women by saying that tobacco makes women more confident, more sexually attractive, and more in control of their own destiny,The tobacco industry is aggressively targeting women and girls in developing countries like india with mislead advertising that  exploits ideas of independence, power, emancipation, and slimness. In thier advertisements they persent mostly womens wiht their products and India is the third largest producer of tobacco after China and AmericaIn india this is of special concern  where awareness of the hazard of smoking is low, sometimes nonexistent
Tobacco control programs in many countries are absent or inadequate, and those that exist are often directed to men. Woman-specific campaigns are rare and principally concentrate on the effects of a woman’s smoking on a fetus or child. Few programs have encouraged women to quit smoking for their own sake.