Bilytica Launches Bilytica UK to stay one Step Ahead in IT Industry
Bilytica | 17 Jun 2015

Bilytica Pvt. Ltd is a business software company founded in 2009. Company markets the best and affordable software solutions for distribution, manufacturing, retail and services industries.

Bilytica today launches the Bilytica UK which will set the new stories of success in the UK and surrounding market. Bilytica UK will energize the success of businesses and their communities around the world through the use of smart technology and the imagination of our people.

Bilytica has reimagined business and brings energy, experience and technology to inspire our customers to fulfil their dreams and Bilytica UK will continue this tradition. We will work with a thriving community of entrepreneurs, business owners, tradespeople, accountants, partners and developers in the United Kingdom who drive the global economy and we always aim to deliver the best.

Engage Our Experts to Turn Your Data into Brilliance with our best products

Bilytica offers the best and most reliable software products which have already proved their efficiency in different industries. Our Products Include,

·         Erpisto ERP product suite (www.erpisto.com)

·         Erpisto Cloud CRM solution

·         AppsOut ( A Mobile Development Company) (www.appsout.com)

·         Cloud Pital (www.cloudpital.com)

Erpisto ERP Product Suite (Multi-Lingual solution with Advanced Analytics and Mobile Alerts)

Erpisto ERP increase productivity and revive profitable growth to offer fast, simple and flexible ERP environment. Better data starts with Erpisto ERP and you can expand your business in to different market segments by automating processes to eliminate inefficiencies and increase competitiveness. Module offered in Erpisto ERP solution are:

·         Accounting and Financial Management Software

·         Human Capital Management and Payroll solution

·         Sales Management solution

·         Procurement Management solution

·         Budgeting and Financial Planning solution

·         Enterprise Asset Management solution

·         POS system

·         Inventory Management Software

·         Warehouse Management solution

·         Production Management solution

·         Manufacturing solution

·         Customized solutions for all industries

Erpisto Cloud CRM (Multi-Lingual Interface and Cross Platform Mobile Application)

Erpisto CRM is strongly integrated customer relationship management solution which enables the growing businesses to improve the way of recording, tracking and accessing sales and marketing information to achieve the new levels of corporate success. Erpisto CRM is offered with the following modules depending upon client needs:

·         Sales Force Management

·         Lead and Opportunity Management

·         Account Management

·         Campaign Management

·         Telemarketing

·         Inventory Management

·         Asset Management

·         Sales Pipeline Management

·         Sales Quotation Management

·         Customer Services

·         Contact Management

·         CRM Analytics

AppsOut for Mobile Apps Development

AppsOut possess a dedicated team of mobile apps and games developers who are working to bring best mobile apps for the client all around the globe. AppsOut development team has been involved in more than 100 projects and our sales and marketing teams have helped many companies in their mobile strategy and enterprise solution.

Services offered by AppsOut are:

·         App Idea Consultancy

·         App Design Services

·         App Development Services

·         App Market Strategy

CloudPital (HealthCare Management System)

Cloudpital is on the move to transform the healthcare experience with the best, flexible and powerful cloud-based platform. Our basic aim is to re-platform healthcare with modern, cloud-based customized solutions. Our open platform is offered to help the medical industry maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their practices, while staying in direct connection and collaboration with patients to support better healthcare. Solutions offered by CloudPital are:

·         E-Clinic

·         Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

·         Radiology Information Management System (RIMS)

·         Advanced Health Care Analytics

·         Mobile Solutions

Bilytica Overview (Consulting, Technology and Innovation makes Bilytica)

Bilytica Pvt. Ltd is a business software company founded in 2009. Company markets the best and affordable software solutions for distribution, manufacturing, retail and services industries. Its experts are connecting people, data and advanced analytics to let the customers do things which they thought are not possible. Data gets transformed in to insight which helps management make informed decisions to ensure better and efficient opportunities. Our experts use a range of leading technologies for ensuring the delivery of right solution to all the clients.

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