BJP and Left Slams Petrol Price Hike an Injustice
Anand Krishnan | 17 Jan 2011


The Leading Opposition Party of India BJP and Left slams and condemned the recent price hike of Petrol on 15th of Jan 2011 midnight by BPCL and  HPCL a Rupees of 2.54 per liter across nation make another burden to common man.

The Opposition party BJP direct attack government non-sensitive against Common Man and its just a loot by increasing prices and these is a seventh hike in the last six month and Rupees 8 to 62 in 20 years and left too blow against price hike and told that this is a cruel blow by ruling government to common man

The State- Owned Oil Marketing Companies again hiked the Petrol prices by Rupees 2.54 per liter and these is a second hike within 30 days due to international crude oil prices rise and a rupees 7 per liter an increase of around 13.4 % since the government decontrolled from last June Onwards

The deregulation of the oil marketing companies did not pass on the required increase of Rs 4.17 to the consumer and raised prices by Rs 2.95 a litre. The companies consult the oil ministry before announcing a price increase as international crude oil prices have climbed to $92 a barrel and the sector oil companies to charge market determined prices since June 2010

The petrol price has come effect from 15th of Jan 2011 and in Delhi the price of petrol Rupees 55-87 now 58.37, In Mumbai 60.32 now 62.81, In Kolkota 59.77 now 62.27 and in Chennai Rupees 60.40 now 62.90 per liter and other cities and towns price will be effect according to the distance variation.

By recent petrol price hike will badly effect common man because already the vegetable prices since last two months increased abnormally and onion as well as tomatoes price already not control by government and still Rupees 60 per kg above selling in markets across nation

 The UPA government crucial meeting done last week to tackle vegetable price but living all that the another price really a frustration for common man of day by day increasing prices from all side and looking serious the opposition party demands immediate Roll Back in Petrol price which is badly effecting the common man and are the real sufferer