BJP Government should go on doing its duty to the Nation and not bother about the results of bypolls
Satbir Singh Bedi | 17 Sep 2014

BJP has received a setback in the bypolls. However, its Government must go on doing its duty to the Nation and not bother about bypoll results. It has been given a mandate to rule the country for a period of five years and it would be judged by the country for its performance during the five year period.

So, it must perform well during the next five years. In particular, it must undertake the following steps:

1.  It must go on getting Foreign direct investment from more and more countries in a big way, particularly in the infrastructure sector.

2.  It must have a slim and trim Government and abolish all the unnecessary departments of the Government. It must remember that the Government is best that governs the least.

3.  It must disinvest in the public sector in a big way to get rid of the white elephant called public sector.

4.  It should complete its long outstanding project of "Inter-linking of the rivers" for betterment of the country.

5.  It should continue to take tough stand against Pakistan and China.

6.  It must deport illegal migrants from Bangladesh to that country as these people are a threat to India's security as they can act as sleeper cells of terrorists because of poverty.

7.  It must build trust among minorities and ensure their safety.

8.  It must promote Urdu language, secure Waqf property, promote small and medium scale industries, ensure education of women belonging to minorities and strengthen Madarsa education.


To sum up, it must fulfill all its promises made to the electorate.  That way it would be able to win the Lok Sabha elections in 2019.