Blade man on streets
Snigdha verma | 07 Feb 2011

it the article for questioning female security on the streets

Blade Man On streets!!
 This statement might sound like a title of an action flick. This is what the news is on now days there has been severe security threat to girls residing near mangolpuri. It’s not news of today but it’s since 2010 to the Present scene of yesterday.  The victims narrate the scene as two bikers snapped them hard with a blade on their face. Similar incidents had taken place earlier on Dec 2 and Dec 3 and the accused had been arrested, but if they were the real culprits, the question arises then who are the men involved in this present rage against women.
The traffic police here have an accountability and answerability to not only the victims but to all the females as it’s a matter of threat to their lives’. The police forces not only should take care of the area where these incidents are happening but also take care that these  causalities  don’t repeat their course In near future like they did .. In an earlier case in 2010 the police had a said that these incidents were because of some personal disputes or a majnu attack (one sided Liking one). But here I as a concerned Indian and female questions that if we have such incidents what claims of security does Mrs. Dixit put for girls walking safe in Delhi?
(Read in a hoarding which shows her full security to girls) My another big concern here is when such incidents can happen in busy places like the incident here was reported near Sanjay Gandhi Hospital Chowk and Sultanpuri Mazaar what would be the plight of areas which are not full of activity? are females really safe … the incident of such kind gains the space but the cases of minor eve teasing no matter from a metro station to the college or from a nearby market to the residence .. Can when take such forms No one knows vigilance by police and a need of doing what is being said should be taken care off.