Blog cannot be alternative for media
Nehul Jagdish Kumar | 27 Apr 2007

Blogs are becoming quite popular among young generation, but we should understand the sole purpose behind creating a blog and should not confuse it with media.
Reporting has always been a serious business because people believe each word said by the media. How can we make a mistake of confusing it with blogs, which are purely meant for the purpose of expressing someone’s personal views? How can the information posted on a blog be considered credible? These days many newspapers have also started carrying the views posted on blogs. But, who will decide which blog is mentioning true facts or which has some malicious intentions?
Blogs cannot be considered an alternative to media. Media has a responsibility of presenting the truth for social cause, which we can’t expect from a blog. Blogs cannot be dragged to a court for violating journalistic ethics and manipulating the facts. I admit that in this democratic country every one has a right to expression nd blogs have emerged as the easiest way to express one’s views. But we need to draw a line between media and a blog. Many a time I find interesting and valid information on blogs, but I can’t follow it blindly. Like if a person has a good knowledge of medical subjects but without an authentic degree, he can’t be considered a doctor.
Blog is a totally a different concept. Be it a newspaper or in electronic media, the reporter takes the responsibility of presenting true facts. Reporters are trained to play a balanced role. However to make a blog, one does not any certification or training. One can pen down one’s personal views without cross checking its authentication.
So, I would certainly read the views and comments listed in blogs but would not depend on them where facts are concerned. Some things in this world have to be accepted with a pinch of salt!