Bloodshed in Kokrajhar - a Bangladeshi ruse to annex Assam

The Muslim majority Bangladesh had a devilish design to make lower Assam a predominantly Muslim region and annex it by inciting civil unrest. India will not let that happen.

WHO IS going to annex Assam, one may wonder. Are there phalanx of battle ready armies moving around lower Assam to attack and annex? Indeed, that is the game plan of Bangladesh and it had been there since the days of formation of East Pakistan on 14 August 1947.

In any case the Sylhet district of Assam was given to East Pakistan and the leaders of the Muslim League, including Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, had coveted the rich mineral resources, jungles and vast vacant lands of Assam. The sinister design of Pakistan to make the Lower Assam a Muslim-majority area, foment communal trouble and annex it for good is being implemented now in the 21st century. The successive governments of East Pakistan had been playing this game and the power-hungry Indian politicians had been banking on the vote-bank of the Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh to remain in power and enjoy the loaves and fishes of their high offices.

The East Pakistanis, now Bangladeshis, find green pastures in India and come from their homeland in droves to make money, buy property and become Indian citizens by hook or crook. They succeed after greasing the palms of Indian officials and the local Police. Money makes the mare go and Bangladeshi criminals indulge in all kinds of illegal activities in India. They even get away with murder. The law and order machinery and low grade politics that keep self before the Nation are to blame for the morass honest Indian citizens are in at this point of time. The reforms in the political and legal systems has to be initiated at both ends – top and bottom. Eventually the People’s movement might deliver the goods by bringing good and patriotic young men and women to power. Well, it did happen once when the youth wing of the Assam Gana Parishad launched a mass movement, ASSAM FOR ASSAMESE, AND SUCCEEDED IN FORMING THE State government too. The illegal Muslim immigrants were rounded up, put behind bars and deported to their country of origin. But they too had their Achilles heel, and the worldly temptations had better of them. Their government fell before long and the cherished ideals were thrown overboard.

The warnings of losing Assam in the long run were sounded by patriots from time to time but they fell on the deaf ears of the traitors. The latest man in authority to sound the warning bell is no less a person than Lt Gen S.K. Sinha, Governor of Assam who wrote to President Narayanan in 1998 about gravity of situation and precarious security situation but the deaf and dumb politicians did sweet nothing to ward off the danger of losing Assam to Greater Bangladesh. Instead, the General was maligned as a rank communalist and an anti-Muslim fellow bent upon creating trouble. Now we all know how right was General Sinha and how wrong were the 22 Members of Parliament who moved heaven and earth to have General Sinha recalled as Governor of Assam. The traitors tasted success and were emboldened. The blood of Kokrajhar today is on the hands of traitors and all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten their hands.

The Govt of India under PM Manmohan Singh and the Dacca govt of Sheikh Hasina have done precious little to stop the influx of illegal Muslim immigrants because the power hungry political parties treat the illegal immigrants as their vote-bank.

May I suggest that the report of General S.K. Sinha, the Governor of Assam in 1998 be made public so that the Indian Nation knows that a Patriot named General Sinha had analysed the Assam problem threadbare and cautioned all those who mattered to take remedial measures. And the Patriot was almost hounded out by the politicians and other pro-Muslim elements who wished Assam to be a part of Islamic Bangladesh

The names of 22 MPs who wrote to the President and Govt of India for recall of General Sinha be made public so that the Indian people know who is a Patriot and who is a traitor.
My condolences to the bereaved families and a word of advice to Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister of Assam, to keep India that is Bharat Above All local and poitical interests and push the illegal Muslim immigrants back into Bangladesh. Let the Bangladeshis be reminded of their history and told that hundreds of Indians had shed blood to give birth to Bangladesh and drive away Pakistani demons who preyed on the population of the then East Pakistan, mostly Muslims.

Be that as it may, the political and economic situation in the Lower Assam is very serious. It is time the Government of India took decisive action and drove back the illegal immigrants rising above party politics and narrow gains of electoral battles. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must dig out the comprehensive report on the causes of the present situation of deep distrust that has developed between the Hindus of Assam and the Muslim illegal immigrants because of the devilish designs of the latter. Any mollycoddling of communal elements at this point of time will be an anti-national act and the history of India, as and when written objectively, will not forgive those politicians who have been keeping their selfish interests above the National interests.

(The views expressed by the author are personal)