Boycott Australia: The bad guy of Cricket
Rama Kant Mishra | 28 Jan 2008

Not Calling Gavaskar to the dais during the presentation ceremony of Adelaide, Oval test match is a big humiliation to the legend knowing that the trophy given away was named “Border_Gavaskar” tropy. Even after the instances of Sydney test, the players an

Not Calling Gavaskar to the dais during the presentation ceremony of Adelaide, Oval test match is a big humiliation to the legend knowing that the trophy given away was named “Border_Gavaskar” tropy. Even after the instances of Sydney test, the players an
Sydney test played in recent past between India and Australia made history because of gravest human errors committed by the umpires, players and the ICC officials and the cameras caught that. Words spoken on the field, off the fields, in dressing rooms can be denied and challenged because that does not carry any substantial evidence. However, the ICC official registered the case against Harbhajan Singh on the issue of calling Andrew Symond “Monkey” without justifying the fact that Andrew Symond will not be able to prove the charge accept get his fellow player lobby for him. That in true sense will not hold the legality of trying any players against any kind remarks made. Despite the fact that Australian players are always known for verbal accuses and abuses against any cricketing nations of the world, Judges agreed to try Harbhajan Sing without substantial evidences. That purely shows the racial intent of mind segregating players and the teams in cricketing world between white and non-white.
Steve Buckner might have had different mind set to show his racial mind during India and any other nations match, where in specifically he would have come strongly against Indian players on disciplinary issues. Many times, being so called one of the best umpires in the world, he had given many incorrect decisions against Indian cricket team. Indian bore up in the spirit of the game and always looked forward. But Sydney test opened the mindset of an umpire, which holds the grudges against a team, otherwise so many incorrect decisions; I doubt it might have really taken place. Well, only when you protest against it, things gets scrutinized, otherwise it would have gone along because other team is not at the receiving end.
Australian players are shown themselves to be the cheater of the game and have shown their fowl play during these matches. Cricket is the national game of Australia. Its really shame for the players who couldn’t live up to the expectation of the game and brought bad name to the country. In India where cricket is most loved sport, cricket fan love Australian cricketers as fighting players of the game, but as the recent controversy surfaced Indians have understood that Australian Play with 11 players, Two umpires, and numerous number of cricketing officials who are totally against Asian and in particular against Indian. 
Other wise how could the have forgotten to call the Indian batting legend, Sunil Gavaskar, who has been pretty vocal in his support for Harbhajan Singh in the 'Monkey' controversy, insinuating that there was white versus colour bias in the judgment, was kept out of the presentation party at the end of the game at Adelaide Oval. The Test trophy between the two teams is called the 'Border- Gavaskar Trophy'. Gavaskar, who was present at Adelaide all through the series as a commentator for ESPN-Star, was purposefully not invited to be on the dais to give away the trophy. This was knowingly ignored and Gavaskar was humiliated for his blatant remarks against the ICC judges who hold all white mentality.
I am sure when this issue becomes a media talk point someone of the Australian Cricket Board will come forward and release a press note saying that they are sorry that they forgot to call on him during the event. This is a common way of addressing media and seeking apology in the public. The issue dies down, but the Australian succeeds in giving back Gavaskar in most disrespectful way. Hoping that Gavaskar in future will not get involved in being vocal against Australia, otherwise he will have to be treated like this. This is truly a case of bad blood behaviour and not the gentlemen’s game what the cricket is called about. Well, how Gavaskar will handle the situation and how the Indian Cricket fans will take it up, is yet to be seen? The reactions will definitely be very nasty against Australia. The public furor will definitely curse Australia for humiliating Indian Cricketing legend knowingly.
If this is the treatment Australian show to the Top guy of the Indian Cricket, I will definitely back the reactions of the Indian public if they call them Monkey and any other animal. Certainly Australians have not shown their human behavior. Next when Australian cricket team comes to India, they should not expect better behavior from the fans at least. Leave part the BCCI in India, I have do not have any faith in the board which never looks upon the interest of the players or the pride of the nations but nurtures the interests of the BCCI officials alone. I am sure; the seer humiliation of Sunil Gavaskar also will not be witnessed by the BCCI officials as grave mistake by Australian Cricket Board unless media roars about it. Moreover, there will be great divide before someone comes up saying something against it. For many of the official Gavaskar dose not make any difference.
But for the cricket fans in India, Gavaskar matters a lot and the intended humiliation to our legend can not be tolerated in any form of the game by any means. Even if the BCCI and other do not feel apt to be vocal against it, Indian cricket fans will definitely boycott the Australians and their racial mindset. May be next time when they come to play in India, they will have more placards and features of the their primates origin with which they will have to relate with. Public will definitely hate Australia and boycott because they have proved to be the bad guy of the cricket. But if the BCCI takes a step further, it’s the ripe time to settle the score; otherwise this kind of instances will keep on happening with any one. Today it has happened with Gavaskar, tomorrow it might happen to Tendulkar. But the question is, will we get up to save the respect of our Legend? Lets wait and watch, what happens?