BPL announces 'BPL Chirag' Scholarship Programme at Gorakhpur
Finesse PR | 13 Oct 2011

BPL Techno Vision Pvt Limited (BTVL), the leading Rechargeable Lighting Solutions company in India, announces BPL Chirag Scholarship Programme 'BPL Jyada Padho Aage Badho - Ujwal Bhavishya ka Bharosa' in Gorakhpur District, Uttar Pradesh.

BPL Techno Vision Pvt Limited (BTVL), the leading  Rechargeable  Lighting  Solutionscompany in India, announces BPL Chirag Scholarship Programme “BPL Jyada Padho Aage Badho – Ujwal Bhavishya ka Bharosa”  inGorakhpur District, Uttar Pradeshfor the students of class IX to XII.

BTVL through this scholarship program wants to encourage students of  "Real India" to come forward and show their learning skills by participating in competitions. The initiative is designed to identify and reward best 19 all-round students from the (Kauriram and Gorakhpur City) schools who are affiliated to state or national board of education; these students will receive scholarship from BTVL to support their education  for one year.

The selection of these students will be based on an ‘Essay Writing Contest’ and their  overall academic and extra-curricular  performance. A panel of forty (40) school teachers will select top 50 out of the total entries and from this pool of 50 entries, a panel of 5 prominent personalities of Gorakhpur will then select top 19 entries for the scholarship.

The contest will be held at Kauriram on October 15th, 2011 at Krishna Balika Uch Madhyamik Vidyalaya and at City on October 16th, 2011 at Saraswati Vidya Mandir.The best student performer will receive ` Rs.11,000/-, three second best performers will receive ` Rs.5100/- each, five third best performers will receive  Rs.2100/- each and ten fourth best performers will receive ` Rs.1500/- each.

 “One of the inspirations behind BPL Chirag was children and their studies and we wanted to take this mission to the next level. So we decided to come up with a scholarship program to  encourage students to pursue  their education opportunities”, says Mr. K. Vijaya Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, BPL Techno Vision Pvt Limited.

Lack of electricity is one of the main constraints in the development of rural India where 57% of the Indian population resides. Long power cuts are a reality and it is important that the viable options are made available  and address existing problems. Most of the rechargeable lights fail in the rural because they need 8-12 hours of charging at a constant current charge. 


A study conducted by BPL in the rural areas shows that apart from farming and domestic chores, lack of electricity adversely affects children’s studies. To address the issue BTVL has launched a breakthrough innovation in rechargeable LED lighting technology – the “BPL Chirag”. BPL Chirag addresses this need by providing "5 hours of Light in 4 hours of Charging" under fluctuating voltage.


About Chirag


BPL Chirag is a breakthrough innovation in rechargeable LED lighting technology. With BPL ‘Q’ Tech, unlike the 8 -12 hours of charging required by other lights in the category, BPL Chirag requires only 4 hours for full charging and gives 5 hours of light. The unique Q Tech technology allows charging even in fluctuating power and has the AC mains charging range from 90 Volts to 260 Volts. The Shorter Charge Duration & Longer Backup Hours for BPL Chirag has been made possible due to its pioneering Q Tech Technology.


Developed at the BTVL R&D Centre in Bangalore, the BPL Chirag is designed to address the most common and widespread problem faced by millions across India and other developing countries on account of power outages . 

BPL Chirag, available in sturdy acrylic clear lamp cover, offers an unparalleled consumer   proposition, for the first time. The unique Q Tech technology from BPL drastically shortens the time needed to recharge the light completely. BPL Chirag uses 24 nos. of cool daylight white LEDs and designed to provide 360 degree illumination. The light is powered by a 3.3 volt, 1600 mAh Battery.

BPL Chirag is a mechanically shock resistant product and has been widely tested on different parameters like reliability, environmental testing, climatic variations and transport handling stress.

BPL Chirag comes at  an MRP of Rs.849/- with a 1 year warrantee.