bridging the divide
Geetanjali Nenwani | 30 Jan 2007

the article is about a survey done in m.p. as bhopal is a communal place,their are loads of such incidents seen which are taken into consideration in this article.india is a seculear nation but still that hatred and discrimination in castes exixts,and tha

When the two nation theory was in the air, the founding fathers of Indo-Pak were at least united on one point in a separate nation for both Hindus and Muslims .the whole socio economic and political scenario of both India and Pakistan were same and the only difference was the role of the political leaders whose political decisions were influenced by religion .these rich leaders started out for their own selfish and specious nations and were quite fairly successful as we can see in influencing the general masses , and sadly these masses since then haven’t changed .the same set of problems plague them. Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment have been their stable and permanent companions all through.
I guess Hindus in India are more real to our Muslims brothers than that of Pakistan.
I was rudely shocked to see a few sites made by Indians with the table “India sucks”, the reason being they consider India as unjust for Muslims taking Gujarat riots as the best example.
None can deny that with this the minorities have felt deprived and they have lost their trust in the judicial system of our nation. I realized this because of the integrity facts that I came across during the course of my survey, whose respondents were both Hindus and Muslims and gave realistic and honest responses to my probing questions. On this one of my Muslim respondent Mr Nafees Qureshi a builder agreed with this fact and fined himself really unfortunate to have such people in their community. They considered themselves extremely privileged to be an Indian .According to them there are earlier incidents which have ruined the fruitful relationship between the two . But with the change in span of time things have crept positive but the appeasement of minorities has quite far succeeded to revoke the history in each heart. Such groups should be banned in order to avoid bias among the nation ties
Apart from this the tremendous increase in population has given birth to unemployment and as it is rightly said that “empty mind is devil’s workshop” so we the people encourage those futile strikes organized by political parties and who use employed youths for their own sinister motives .The major misunderstanding between both the communities is the lack of concern and understanding for each other .Its the set root which forces them to behave irrationally and so this being the only simple reason to the above stated cause
My survey was started with a very basic question to “rate between the nation and community in a way giving the 1st priority between the two”
The fist question itself made me inhale the fragrance of patriotism as majority of my respondents opted for being a proud nationists first than being a communal as for them nation has provided them the right to live freely . While a respondents wine differed as according to him both community and nation stands a different identity and therefore cannot be compared following the second question being
“There consideration about the partition riots”? Which they memorized as a part of them and for which no one is to be blamed but the circumstances and the opportunities of the then political parties.
When asked about their preference to stay in a mixed locality or Hindu /Muslim locality. It was a least bothered some question for all except one Muslim respondent said that he preferred staying in a Muslim locality as he use to stay in a Muslim locality for years, for he noticed that his child was being not brought up in a religious way and he lacked in religious atmosphere, this being the only reason
Do you consider it handiwork of communal parties in destroying the communal harmony?
For this majority blamed the communal parties sowing the seeds of differences
Between the two. People personally want to be one but communal harmony is threatened by them .They work only for there selfish motives and the public gets influenced by their fake promises as they are able to sway their opinion by inciting communal passins.But as we can see people have started accepting and understanding the truth behind politics, the new generations wants to be united with no parties.
How do you consider political parties as?
Majority of the respondents reiterated the fact that latter day’s political parties work solely to fulfill their political agendas and their leaders own political ambition full of hoax. Only around 20% respondents felt that these political parties come out in support of public.
Do you see any changes in the unscrupulous character of our nation?
With this the respondents totally agreed that they have seen tangible changes in the unscrupulous character of our nation, this is evident by the fact that people from all walks of life irrespective of their caste and religion helped the victims of recent Mumbai bomb blasts and youngsters came forward. My respondents irrespective of their caste they belong said that today’s scenario in the country is much better.
? Do you think Hindu org should be seen in the same light as Muslim org are highlighted
I was taken aback by the responses I received to this question. Many Hindus believed that the Hindu org such as VHP... have emerged for the self defense of the Hindu community against the terrorist activity done by the Muslim org. they believed that Hindu org. are right in whatever they are doing and its the common good of their community.
VHP leaders such as Praveen Togadia and N.Modi are the saviors of the same, helping them regain the lost glory
Whereas the Muslim respondent said that the present tension is that the society is created by these Hindu organization who believed that all Muslims are fast out numbering and overpowering them in the quest to have a dominance in the Indian society .They further added that the unfounded believes of the Hindu organization kike indulgence of Muslims in anti national activities are the main reasons for furthering the divide.
Do you really feel from the bottom of your heart that Muslims have been subdued in independent India
Many liberal and free thinking Hindus said that Muslims have really not been subdued in the main stream Indian society they have been given equal opportunities to prove their abilities.
And my Muslim respondents were of divided opinions , on the one hand some lady respondents said that they have been given equal opportunities in the Indian society .But few Muslim professionals including an ex asst superintendent (EOW) said that there have been incidents where they have been subjected to discrimination
Do you feel that Indian Muslims involment in anti Indian activities is an outcome of policies of Indian national leaders? 
My respondents were unanimous that the Muslims are alienated from the main stream and have thus been rendered incapable of enjoying the benefits of urban institutional facilities. This is also born out by the fact that over 40% of Muslims in urban area in the poorest monthly per /capita expenditure class quintile compared to 22% Hindus. That has been so despite the fact that the urban share of Muslim population is 36% compared to 26% for Hindus. The 30%illetracy rate among urban Muslims, compared to 19% among Hindus further underscores their estrangement
The last question is a bit emotionally charged charge 1 calling the respondent to be owed a part of community or nation as any credit achieved
And the touching answer to the last question just laid a conclusion in itself .People wanted their credit to be owned as a proud citizen of our nation rather than anyone else. The above survey called up some usual questions with some very real conclusions to it.
 No patriotic, no civilized, no literate Muslim is involved in anti India activities .realization of society should be that they shouldn’t blame Indian Muslims for it
Steps should be taken to educate their children. Concrete steps should be taken to uplift their socio- economic condition.
Increasing number of mandirs and masjids is a dispute. 
In spite of knowing the fact that quite a number of them are even not visited and religious places cannot be demolished .here those politicians with support of the general uneducated audience play with the emotions of the religion with the only purpose to showcase their strength
Till today people are confused with 26th January as Republic day or Independence Day .Its a matter of fun and holiday for all. Bridging can be done when we will consider this day equivalent to all those sparkling community festive and celebrate this jovial day being not a Hindu or Muslim but a proud Indian a true citizen with more of resolutions not for ones sake but for the nation’s pride.
Let’s forget the past and march forward towards more of an India by being more of an Indian
And to see our nation dynamic zippy with zing nothing but except owing ones onus is the most essential one.