BSF 105 Bn recovers 5 kg. heroin from Muhamdi Wala area valuing 25 crore in Int'l market
HARISH DIDO | 21 Feb 2015

Border Security Force personnel have successfully seized 05 packets of contraband suspected to be Heroin on Punjab border on 20th Feb 2015 in the area of responsibility of Border out Post Mohamdiwala, Ex-105 Bn BSF, Ferozepur Sector, said in a press meet at BSF HQ Mehal Singh Wala.

Keeping in view the vulnerability of Border from smuggling point of view especially in view of wheat crops and adverse weather conditions which give cover to these Anti-National Elements, Shri Anil Paliwal, IPS, Inspector General BSF Punjab Frontier has issued operational guidelines to further strengthen border domination so as to effectively check the menace of narcotics smuggling and activities of Anti National Elements on Punjab border with Pakistan. Accordingly, Sh R K Thapa, DIG Sector BSF Ferozepur ensures implementation along with Field Commanders to maintain extra vigil on border to thwart the attempts of smugglers/Anti-National Elements. Tactical operations are being mounted to foil the attempts of the smugglers during this season.

The troops were on high alert as intelligence inputs were received regarding threat of smuggling from the area of Border Out Post Mohamdiwala, Ex-105 Bn BSF, Ferozepur Sector.

On 20th Feb 2015 at about 1100 hrs, a special search operation was carried out by the BSF troops of Border Out Post New Mohamdiwala, Ex-105 Bn BSF, Sector Ferozepur in the area ahead of Border Security Fence. During the search operation at about 1130 hrs BSF search party recovered 05 packets of contraband suspected to be heroin approximately 15 meters ahead of Border Security fence towards International Border.

The enhanced vigil of BSF troops has once again thwarted the attempt of smugglers/ Anti-National Elements to smuggle contraband items into India.

During the year 2015, BSF Units under Ferozepur Sector have effected under mentioned seizures on Ferozepur Border – heroin 36.415 kg, including today's seizure of 05 packets of contraband suspected to be heroin, three weaons, two magazines, 15 rounds of ammunition, one Pak SIM Card, one Pak border crossers apprehended and two Indian Border crossers apprehended.

However, during 2015, seizures on Punjab Border were 44.895 kg including today's seizure of 05 packets of contraband suspected to be heroin, Rs.38000 FICN, 3 weapons, 2 magazines, 19 rounds of ammunition, two Pak SIM Card, one Pak border crossers apprehended, one Pak intruders interdicted and 13 Indian border crossers apprehended.  


There had also been seizures and apprehensions, during the year 2014 by the BSF – 361.416 kgs heroin, Rs.11.83 lac face value of FICN, 20 weapons, 29 magazines, 436 rounds ammunition, 963 gm opium, 33 kg husk, n335 gms morphine, 4 Pak smugglers interdicted, 7 Pak intruders interdicted, n20 Pak border crossers apprehended, 32 Indian border crossers apprehended, 3 Indian smugglers interdicted, 1 Nepalese national apprehended, 33 Pak mobiles, 51 Pak SIM cards, 13 Indian Mobiles and 14 Indian SIM cards, said, RPS Jaswal, DIG SPRO, Punjab Frontier in a press release.