BSNL Gives Offers to Subscribe Customers But Avoid to give Accident offers ?
Anand Krishnan | 11 Nov 2009

Digging Roads by side and not closing soon make inconvenience to people and even makes Major Accidents , At present situation many areas in India the cable people including Govt People who has to go daily in the same Roads , it’s a major draw back of Indian govt not giving proper guidance to the offices to direct the officers that when the digging is over for putting cables then the cable must be put as soon as the soil is digged and it must be closed but neglaecting that months are going and the sufferer are the public if they fall in day on night or any accident occurs no body can care these type of situations , the biggest draw back is Lazzyness by the company and not complete cooperation between Office bears and Digging pvt parties so at last the govt should take care these type of  things in a serious matter because if some one gets hurt or fall down by vehicals the compensation must be given by the Govt only , these is the BSNL digs the pits by side road but not giving accurate  directions to the JCB operaters to avoid Soil to put on the main road , they can put soil another side also but who cares for fast work without any proper direction this type of  situations ocures in main roads and main thing in these is after digging the side roads no one is looking to close as soon as possible these pits has been digged by the BSNL the most popular Telephone exchange in India of govt under taking Dept they Offer many things in phones to subscriber but they should not offer Accidents to view of Press Enclave at Kovaipudur and the whole roads is damaged due to thes work and no body can go with vehical in night if a vehical comes opposite direction then how they can go it a big ? So it’s a request to the govt of India to see the situations seriously because the citizen of India elects you for the better future and not to disturb or create problems to public on road side it’s a total criminal mnd of companies and govt of India and states of Only careless in duty. Supreme Court of India must instruct the Govt and companies that if they dig the side road or digging cross roads for water connections the Digged pits and cable pits must be closed within 24 hours , other wise these a total criminal attitude to only disturb the Genaral  Public in behalf of  digging side Roads.