Bypoll results across six states: Will it end the seat sharing rift between BJP and Shiv Sena?
Tina Acharya | 19 Sep 2014

It was never imagined before that the seat sharing rift between Shiv Sena, the oldest ally of NDA and BJP in Maharashtra will escalate to such a bitter stage that could even lead to breal-up between the two parties.

But thanks to the bypoll results across the six states, in which BJP has to face a set back, the pressure group inside BJP are somehow calm giving more power and independence to Amit Shah, which ultimately led to a friendly conclusion of the sulkily stretched splinter between the allies. The aperture ended with a cordial resolution with Amit Shah putting alliance before the seat sharing in Maharashtra. It's really one of the mature decisions from Shah.

Many may perceived it as a compulsion of BJP following the bypoll results, but the facts are actually otherwise. In fact the fissure was too much stretched due to the pressure group inside the BJP- the right wingers, and also to some extent the state BJP unit as well who wanted some extra edge in this assembly elections.

Though Amit Shah was sworn in as the president of BJP but it was quite evident that he had less independent power to work as per his own strategy. Had he been given power before he would have not let this brawl to be stretched for so long.

We all know there were much speculations and ambiguity during this long stretched seat sharing cleft. It was actually a hard stand between Shiv Sena Chief "soft speaking but tough negotiator Uddhav Thackeray and BJP's brilliant strategist and hard bargainer but a pressurized Amit Shah."

Definitely BJP (the right wingers and state BJP unit) wanted to re-work the terms and conditions with Shiv Sena to change its underdog status in the state especially after the spectacular achievement in Lok Sabha elections few months back. Definitely BJP had a genuine stand to bargain for 'more seats' and CM's post for the one that will have more seats.

But it was more of a prestige issue for Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray especially when he is perceived as a weak and inexperienced leader due to which he refused rigidly to accept the change in the "status quo", which led to a deadlock.

However at the same time Shiv Sena chief was all aware of what was going on inside BJP and he is a Modi appreciator as well. That's why he never said anything against Modi or Amit Shah or accused them in anyway or tried to hold them responsible for UP bypoll debacle because he knew the actual reasons. May be that was the reason why he was never keen on breaking the alliance with BJP because of his faith on Team Modi and the strength in remaining with him.

Amit Shah was well aware of the conditions in rifts and their possible terrible consequences as well. There were actually two factors that might have led Amit Shah to take the decision instantaneously and settling the issue within minimum time frame.

Seat sharing tiff:

Earlier Shiv Sena had contested on 169 seats earlier in 2009 and BJP on 119 seats.

Here I must state that the squabble was actually for "equal number of seats for both the partners that is 135 each" after deducting 18 seats for allies of BJP which was not acceptable to Shiv Sena as it was keen for 150 seats at least.

Now it is settled with 119 seats for BJP alone, 18 for its allies and rest is i.e. 151 for Shiv Sena as it actually shared 18 seats with the four allies of BJP.

In seat sharing front with 119, BJP is actually a gainer as they don't need to share 18 to 20 seats with its allies).

Controversy over CM's post:

There is no change in the status of CM's post. It will be with Shiv Sena.

But the rift was on "making it for the partner who wins more seats after election". In that case it would have resulted more adverse consequences. Because the above condition would make both the partners competing with each other for more seats to bag the CM post for them.

Finally it would result in a big sabotage as both would try to spoil each other's prospect of winning the seats. (BJP voters may not vote for the Shiv Sena candidate and Shiv Sena supporters may not vote for the BJP's candidate, finally making both of them losing to their rivals).

The above political technicalities were well understood by Amit Shah that led him to reach a friendly wrapping up. Otherwise it would have lead to a Maharashtra debacle as well.

Now definitely BJP will emerge as single largest party and there will be a NDA government in the State of Maharashtra and the credit should be given to the swift and analytic decision making strength of Amit Shah!