Can terrorism survive without funds?
Satbir Singh Bedi | 23 Aug 2013

Can terrorism survive without funds?  The answer is a clear "No".  While the terrorists may be having the arms given to them by certain nations which are no longer supporting them but they require ammunition from time to time besides funds for the maintenance of their training camps for their survival.  It is true that arms and ammunition was given to the Talibans by the USA and Pakistan to make use of them against the erstwhile USSR in Afghanistan, these Talibanis are no longer being funded by either USA or Pakistan.  So, from where they are receiving funds for their survival.
Well, there are many sources from which the terrorists are receiving their funds.  For example, the terrorist organisation "Ranbir Sena" of the so called Upper Castes in Bihar is receiving funds from 
the Thakurs and Bhumihar Brahmins.  The Maoists or the Naxalites and the ULFA are most probably being funded by China and the smugglers which smuggle goods from China via Nepal.  It had come in the newspapers that SIM cards are being rented out which can help fund the terrorists. Then there are Hawala transactions, drug smugglers like D Company of Ibrahim Dawood, under invoicing and over invoicing by unscrupulous traders which are the source from which terrorists get their funds.  So, the need of the hour is to set up a cell for checking that no SIM cards are rented out.  The smuggling at Nepal border as well as Bangladesh border has also to be checked to ensure that money from China does not flow to Maoist or Naxalites and ULFA.  For dealing with Hawala transactions and under invoicing and over invoicing, the Enforcement Directorate of the Ministry of Finance needs to be strengthened. A stringent watch has also to be kept on stock market because many terrorists get funds through this channel also. This is what India can do.  However, efforts at International level are also required to stop smuggling of drugs, under invoicing and over invoicing and the flow of funds to the terrorists from certain unscrupulous countries.