Ravi Kant | 02 Dec 2008

Our politcians are safe under highest 'Z' category security cover. But are Indians are not eligible to ask a security cover even far lesser than those to politicians? There are countries who are equalling life of politicans and to those of general public.



Ravi Kant

Our politcians are safe under highest 'Z' category security cover. But are Indians are not eligible to ask a security cover even far lesser than those to politicians? There are countries who are equalling life of politicans and to those of general public.

Our middle class new generation’s rich people have been hardly bothers of anything like security as they are so weak to get easily scared of a cane carrying police wala. But now they only are most scared in Mumbai. It is heart breaking and painful to witness the cruel murder of so many stalwarts of Indian Industry. Several bitter comments of big Industrialists are coming out everyday in newspaper. But question is pinching that why our Industry kept mum and shows no anger during earlier Mumbai train blast? Why recent terrorist’s bomb blast in Assam, which killed not less than 200 people, has not ‘attracted’ the attention of our rich Industry people? Why our Industry heart has not been broken at Jaipur, Surat and Ahmedabad killings? In these entire attacks one thing was common that only innocent people were killed by terrorists. But it was unique that Industrialists, foreigners and rich people were being targeted first time by these terror groups on deadliest Wednesday in the history of Independent India.

In 26th November Mumbai attacks, more than 86 general (poor) people were also killed in Mumbai CST station but no body pays homage to these common men. Is there any similarity between people killed in Mumbai train blasts, Assam killing, Jaipur killing, Surat killing, Ahmedabad killing and this Mumbai CST killing and dissimilarity with those of Taj and Oberai Hotel killing? Yes, it is. Does it not show our differential treatment of human life based on class, cast and creed?

Had our richest billionaire shown any concern (genuine) for those common men killed in earlier terrorists’ attack, this situation would certainly have not worsened to this extant. Biggest irony is that our industry saw this huge population as big market and is in the race of tapping it great number by any means. You were allowing your own customers to be killed by these terrorists. Was it not a corporate responsibility of Industrialists during earlier terror attack to request and pressurize the Government for making the country a safe country to live with and increase the internal security within country? If they say that it is not their duty or responsibility, then they don’t have any right to cry now if their kith and kins are mercilessly killed at Taj or Oberai as Government is doing and has been doing the thing what it understand right for the safety of the people. But any way since rich people are showing their anger and concern over security in our country, I hope something will surely come which may give a peaceful night to general masses and relive our Big B of sleeping with pistol under near his pillow.

After assassination of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on 21st May1991, the security in and around the ministers and politicians has beefed up and ‘Z’ category security to the leaders has become power show for the ‘important’ leaders. In the cordon of duty bound and elastic & agile powerful commandos, our safe leaders have been talking all non-sense like equaling Mumbai massacre to ‘Bade Sharon ki chhoti-chotti batein’ and saving 4817 lives at the cost of ‘only 183 lives’.

Thanks to ‘Z’ category provided to our leaders in India that all our leaders are safe. But ironically poor public which pay taxes to protect these leaders are being crushed to death. The living masses of our strong country remains alive amid dying every day of the fear of getting killed any next moment as some terrorist will come from our ‘neighboring country’ and finish his work.

Can’t Z-Security or nearby Z-Security be offered to each and every Indian just like that of our leaders? But the leaders please wake up as there are countries who offer their citizens a security cover which is by no mean lesser than the of to politicians/leaders in those countries. After all live of any human being is important in those countries unlike in India.

As world knows that India, USA and Israel are the three countries which are on the top most hit list countries of any terrorist outfit of the world. Of these countries if USA and Israel are having internal security covers which are at highest level by any definition whereas India’s internal security are at worst by any definition. Somebody has rightly told that India can be prey for any terrorists group by easiest way as we are potential target in the name of plethora of shopping malls with negligible security, posh hotels with high level of hospitality as even security guards can carry your even your ‘suspicious’ luggage happily, cinema halls whose security standards God knows who is verifying, open restaurants/ recreation clubs with no security at all. We have grown beyond our security agencies ability to provide security. But the question is where the security is?

It is now well known fact that if a country wants to wage a war against its enemy country it won’t do by direct attack rather it will take other indirect rout thorough. Using the terrorist outfits has become a common means to destabilize the enemy country. It is well known that many of the countries of the world has nuclear capability, use of such unmindful terrorists outfits has become a cheapest tool to slowly weaken its enemy country. In such a situation it becomes altogether more important to put our most of energy in internal security. But in India the trend is reverse and on one side we are increasing year by year our defense budget on the other side we have not done any thing other than creating a NSG stationed at Delhi, the cost of which we have been seeing since so many years and recently for which Mumbai has paid heavily. In the name of providing security to general public of India from terrorist attacks virtually nothing has been done when we compare India’s preparedness to such attack vis-à-vis to other countries which are on threat of such attack same as that of India. After infamous 9/11 terrorists attack, US has created Department of Homeland Security on January 24, 2003. The Department of Homeland Security has yearly budget of about $69 billion which is much more than our total earning from export of software services. With a strong workforce of 216000 employees, the Department does the security screening of 2millions travelers per day, checked more than 113 millions foreign visitors fingerprints and performs 20 layers of screening. Where we stand is anybody’s guess. Meanwhile Mumbai is living under terror and if by mistake anybody telling about Mumbai spirit you tell him that “Ye Mumbai ki majboori, kaam pe jaana jaroori hai”.