Candle March for Aarushi
Twinkle | 28 Jan 2011

A candle march on 30th january at jantar mantar has been organised for Aarushi who was killed in her own house on 16th may 2008 and justice has been denied to her.

Today I received a message regarding candle march for justice. A candle march has been organized at jantar mantar on January 30 at 5 pm for Aarushi Talwar. A candle march is also being held at Victoria Memorial main gate , Calcutta and Gate Way Of India, Mumbai and date would remain January 30 for all.

We all know about what happened with Aarushi. However, for the benefit of those who just returned from a trip to Mars, here it is:

On the morning of May 16,2008, Aarushi Talwar, a 14-year old daughter of successful dentist couple, was murdered in her own room in her house in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

After two days, Hemraj’s body was found on the terrace of the house where Aarushi was killed. Police under the pressure of media, gave a report that the father of Aarushi, Dr. Rajesh Talwar, killed his own daughter as well as the servant. The motive stated by police report was that she resented Dr. Rajesh Talwar’s clandestine affair with his business partner Dr. Anita Durrani.

She didn’t like it and her father found it increasingly difficult to her daughter’s resentment. The daughter used to discuss her father’s illicit affair with her only friend, the servant Hemraj. These discussions brought Hemraj, 45, and Aarushi, 14, emotionally closer and they also developed an affair.

This enraged Dr. Talwar even more. On the day of the murder, the doctor saw his young daughter in an ‘objectionable’ but not compromising position with the lowly servant.

Then he drank some whisky, destroyed evidence, made some cock and bull story, called a few close relatives and friends up and finally called the police.  And police also went on to say that only a doctor or a butcher can kill someone with such precision.

Huge public outcry nationwide with NGOs, women rights organizations, and human rights commission joining in vilifying the UP Police of character assassination of the accused and the murdered alike. With Aarushi being a minor, such allegations in front of the public without any proof could also invite libel against the UP Police, and already some were exploring the possibility. The Police remand of Dr. Talwar also expired and the political leadership of UP sought the help of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) from the Union Government.

The request is granted and CBI accepts to take up the case and the sword falls on entire top brass of the fallen-from-grace UP Police investigating the case. The Noida Senior Superintendent of Police, Meerut Deputy Inspector General along with the Zonal Range Inspector General transferred from their posts.


Since then CBI has ben looking after the case. And still no justice has been granted justice. Candle march has been organized to support Aarushi and to help her get justice. After so many theories investigations and tests, the CBI files closure report in Aarushi murder case. The closure report filed in Ghaziabad court says Rajesh Talwar is the sole suspect. Ghaziabad court examines the validity of the closure report by CBI citing inadequate evidence against the suspects in the double murder case.] As per CBI, the prime suspect is still Rajesh Talwar however the motive of this killing is still unknown.

Rajesh Talwar, father of murdered teenager Aarushi, was today, that is 25th January 2011 ,attacked by an unidentified youth outside a Ghaziabad court. He suffered injuries following the attack and was rushed to a hospital by his lawyers. He had gone to the court to file a protest petition against CBI’s closure report in the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case. He demanded fresh probe into the case. Following the incident,the hearing in the case has been adjourned till eighth of next month.
Aarushi was just a 14 year girl who was enjoying her life to the fullest but this sweet girl was killed before anyone’s imagination.

Had u ever imagined, you could have been in her place. It could have been anyone, your friend, your sister, your wife. Don’t u want that Aarushi should get justice? Be a part of candle march and support her? In India, powers rests in the hand of people of the country. Then let’s show it this time that we have the power. Come on… I will b going to Jantar Mantar on 30th January at 5pm for Aarushi. Will you join me?