Capital punishment must for the accused of Mahadalit murder : A.K.Sinha

After returning from Siwan BJP MLA of Patna, Arun Kumar Sinha visited the Mahadalit slum colony near NBCC field,Bahadurpur Housing Colony,Patna today after noon to console the grieved families of recent Mahadalit murder.About 30 BJP activists and Mukhiya of Nandlal Chapra, Laldahin were also present in this programme.

Members of the all victims met with the MLA in this meeting to shared their problems.Lala Manjhi told the tragic story about the black Saturday night in brief to Mr Sinha for proper action for the justice and security.

"According to the statements of the eyewitness it was a pre planned murder case of five sleeping mahadalits in the NBCC ( National Building Construction Corporation Ltd) field.This incident occurred after the party of meat, rice and wine by the truck driver munshi and his friends in the night.It's a matter of investigation about the illegal business of NBCCL,Patna This crime is a red spot on the present Manjhi government.We want capital punishment for the all accused of this gruesome murder.The real amount of compensations to the victims family should be Rupees 10 lacks.The injured child victim should be given better medical treatment for quick recovery from the government." said BJP MLA of Patna, Arun Kumar Sinha to this citizen journalist today.

Mr Sinha also demanded homes and security for the victims family and the residents of this mahadalit slum colony of Bahadurpur Housing Colony,Sector -7 Patna from the Government of Bihar.

"Learn to die and fight for your rights if want to live in this world.Don't fear from the killer and live here fearless." encouraged Mr Sinha to the terrified residents of this slum colony.

This tragic and horrible incident occurred on Saturday midnight by speeding truck in which three children Mangla Manjhi(10),Jitendra Manjhi(15) and Dharmendra Manjhi(10) and two young youths Suraj Manjhi(22) and Mithu Manjhi(10) were killed on the spot by a speeding truck of NBCC.On Sunday morning angry local residents entered the closed campus of Gammon India,Patna and destroyed it's costly properties like 4 JCB machines,2 motor cycles, Hydra Bolero, and etc.

Security gourd of Gammon India Bodh Narain Mishra whose campus is near the NBCC field told about the Sunday morning violent incident to this citizen journalist today afternoon.

The munshi of NBCCL,Patna Manish Kumar and the driver of the killer truck Akil Ahmad has been arrested by the Agam Kuan police and sent to the jail.

In this incident a brave eight years old boy Dharma Manjhi was injured in a killer attack by masked biker.Son of Saraswati Devi, ragpicker Dharma Manjhi told to this citizen journalist that he wants to become a police officer if the government gives him financial help for education and home.Victims family members also demanded employment, home and security from the government.