Car insurance farce?
Radhakrishnan | 02 Dec 2006

Car owners often end up paying out of their pockets, instead of their insurance companies.

KYA GADDI CHALANA aata hai? Driver rakhna mehanga padtaa hai kya?” Many of us have faced similar barrages from other car owners in the busy and bustling Mumbai streets. The offence will be only having lightly bumped into the car in front, while inching along stalled traffic. The driver in front would have stopped his car right in the middle of the chaos and sauntered over to inspect the “damage” caused to his car.
Arre yeh to dedh hazaar ka nuksan kar diya. Chalo nikaalo paise,” This will be the refrain of further arguments. If the offending driver happens to be a puny character — a la the “hum kyon chloromint khate hain” one — there will be no other way than to shell out the money to get a safe passage.
All pleadings of why not have the insurance company settle the damage, will be met by firm and rude threats. If the other party happens to be a taxi driver, then the cash to be shelled out will be at least double the amount. Astounding is the fact that all vehicles are perforce insured to get over similar mishaps.
Can the more veteran car owners let us into the secret of how to tackle such situations? After paying large premium, if one has to suffer similar humiliations, will it be more prudent to insure for lower value?
I will be eagerly awaiting sane advice on this matter.