Careful planning for kids by Parents
Vishnu Mohan | 07 Sep 2006

Chidren can become real stars and assets for a nation provided their parents do meticulous planning for their career.  The following two examples will prove this:
Example No.1 : Today most of us know about Mr. Peter Jackson. His movie "Lord of the Rings" bagged as many as 13 Oscar Awards.  When Peter was just eight years old, he expressed his desire to his parents about his liking for joining the film industry when he grew up (he was pretty inspired by seeing the first version movie King Kong).  From that very day, both the parents supported him whole-heartedly in his efforts to learn the intricacies and niceties of movie making.  The results are there for everyone to see.   Today he is a name to recokon with amongst the top producers / directors of Hollywood.  Sadly, for Peter, he seem to be missing his mom who is no more especially on the day when his movie bagged Oscars. 
 Example No.2: I am sure, most of us know about the sisters, Serena Williams and Venus Williams and their status in the Tennis World today.  How did all this happen???  Parents of Williams sisters (before they were born) - discussed amongst themselves about the name, fame and money associated with tennis stars.  They then planned for going for a kid and to put that kid into tennis playing so that when he/she grows up, can become real tennis stars.  Their plan worked very well.  Soon Serena Williams and Venus Willams were born and both of them started getting professional training right from an young age (thanks for the vision held by their parents for them).  Today, the world can see the name, fame and wealth accumulation of these sisters all made possible because of parents' care and loving and vision for their children.
I am sure the above two examples will energise many parents especially those who are planning for child to in the near future to make their child true assets of the nation.