Case of death of Karnataka IAS officer Ravi to be handed over to CBI
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 23 Mar 2015

Ultimately, amid political pressure, social outrage and six days of protests in Karnataka over the death of honest and upright IAS officer DK Ravi (36), the case is going to be handed over to the CBI, reported media.

The death of Ravi, who was found hanging in his flat in Bengaluru last week, had kicked up a political row and raised umpteen conspiracy theories in last few days will be fairly investigated by the CBI, it is being hoped.

Sonia Gandhi, the president Congress party, had also written to the officer's wife assuring a fair investigation and had also spoken to Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah advising him a CBI probe in the case.

Meanwhile, Karnataka High Court has bared the release of interim probe report of the CID that purportedly is terming it an unnatural death refuted by the opposition, family and friends of the diseased.

The Central IAS Officers' Association had also demanded CBI probe into the death of Ravikumar who was working in Karnataka. Social media and twitterati had also reacted furiously over the death and favoured a CBI probe.

Opposition parties were against the CID probe since the thought that it was based on the premise of the personal reasons behind the death of the officer and ignoring the angle of probable hand of the sand and land mafia.