Case study of a lesbian
Rohit Jivani | 18 Jun 2009

Here i discuss the yogas and situation of a lesbian from the birth chart.

IN MY early days of practice, one morning a lady came to meet me for help with astrology. She came to ask about her job. She was serving in the governemnt sector at a medium level - when i spoke to her I found that she lived alone, that many years earlier she had been married but somehow divorced in a matter of days since which time she had kept to herself, though she had many friends. She conducted a few lesbian relations also...at that time i studied on lesbian relation so i gave a deep look to her horoscope and found why she hadn't married yet and why she had more then one lesbian relation:

Her birthdetails: 20th septmber, 1959, 11pm, Rajkot, Gujarat. First of all I see jupiter at 7th of scorpio, juipiter is the lord of 8th n 11th in her horoscope. "Guru bhav nashay..." she couldn't get the happiness of marriage life more over guru is lord of 8th which is not good for her ... and in tauras lagna guru cant give good fruits. Now i move on to the fifth house..there were sun-mars-mercury n rahu of kanya n 10th dristi of sani was there..

Now my eyes wide opened..rahu n sani disturbs all planets there..n she never been lucky in love...gradually she found that there was no happiness with men..n she god few girl friends...the sign for girl friends ..there is vakri venus in the sun's house at 4th..surya mangal angaraka yoga gave her dissatisfaction in love always...especially the combo of sun-mangal and rahu gave her happiness in lesbian thinking. The venus is also playing a role in her thinking..when she entered in rahu dasha in 1998 she has her first girlfriend whith whom she had sex...when i asked her all in details she agreed on the time period i gave her...emotionally she had bad time during 2003 to 2006 when rahu-sani dasha going on. In that period she came to me for her problem, she had also experienced harrasement at her work place for which I provided remedies.

Rahu and Sahni at that time, after few weeks she came again and told me that she got much relief. She is the typical case of lesbian which I conuslted at that time, thereafter I met several lesbians and I found such yoga in their horoscopes also. While krur graha met with fifth house in venus is distrubed person felt loneliness n try to change sexually. Many times this results in a lesbian or homosexual relation.