Caste issue triggers conflict and fraction among BJD
Amarnath Parida | 30 Mar 2009

Caste issue triggers conflict and fraction among BJD party leaders in Jagatsinghpur assembly seat of Orissa

JAGATSINGHPUR -  Caste issue has triggered conflict and fraction among BJD party so the perspective of the legislator Mr Bisnhu Das hinges upon how far party is able to give party ticket form Jagatsinghpur seat due to ongoing conflict among SC and general caste people of this party.
   The Jagatsinghpur constituency, which has now been de-reserved in the delimitation process, is witnessing emergence of a large number of general caste aspirants from all political parties. Meanwhile, dozen of aspirants’ candidates from general castes have applied to get party ticket from this seat because this has de reserved after forty years. Four-time MLA Bishnu Das is still hopeful for getting the party ticket for the seat, despite it being de-reserved. Besides him, panchyatsamiti chairman Mrs Kanaklprava Lenka, MP Mr Bramhananda Panda , Kissannagar MLA Pratap Jena, social activist Mr Binyak Pattnaik,  Pradipta Swain, Youth leader Mr Surya Mohanty   and lawyer Raj Kishore Khatua Mr Pranab Dey, son of former legislator cum freedom fighter Mr Priyanath Dey and others  aspirants. The demand of SC catgrory people and supporter of Mr Das to give another chance Mr Bishnu Das from this seat has triggered caste conflict and fraction among the BJD party.
    This seat had been reserved for SC seats since 1967 in which SC candidate Mr Kanduri Mallick had won this seat for fist time in this year from Praja Socialist Party. Freedom fighter cum legislator Mr Priyanath Dey who was contesting from this as general caste had won this seat from congress seat. Mr Bishnu Das who had been winning this seat from 1990 for four times was considered happiest man to take opportunity the reservation of SC seats from all legislators. After long awaiting, the hope of general caste leaders of BJD party , who decided to get party ticket from this seat after de – reservation has shattered due to pressurise of SC community to give party ticket Mr Das.
     Sources said that hundreds of SC community led by Mr R. Behera conducted a meeting at Gorekhnath temple for demanding to give party ticket SC candidate Mr Das from Jagatsinghpur seat. They claimed that Mr Das is suitable candidate because he is acceptable to all. SC community has given memorandum to BJD party supermo Mr Naveen Pattnaik for considering the case of Mr Das to give party ticket from this seat. On the other hand, political observers have felt that two seats both Jagatsinghpur Loka Sabha seat and Tirtol assembly seats have been reserved for SC category but why he is not interest for these seats. Intra party conflict, lack of efficiency for Loka seat and loosing his image for mark sheet scandal for his son would redouble in other seats so he is in doubt in other new seats. His popularly has been limited in Jagatsinghpur block and municipality so he preferred to contest from this seat for fifth time.
 The determination of SC community and lobby of Mr Das to regain Jagatsinghpur seat ignoring general category talented leaders have sparked conflict and fraction in BJD party. Meanwhile, supporters of Das have also not accepted his candidature from this seat due to rift over caste issue. One of the aspirant leaders of BJD Mr Pradipta Swain has expressed that there is no doubt about the leadership of Mr Das but there is reaction among the general category aspirant leaders for lobbying seat from this seat for fifth times. He said that party should give ticket Mr Das from Loka seat because he is efficient and senior leader fro this seat.
    On the other hand, BJD party has decided a policy not to give party ticket the legislators from the seats which has been de- reserved. If Bishnu Das would get party ticket from Jagatsinghpur seat after de reservation so Salepur legislator Mr Kalindi Behera, Tititalgarh legislator Mr Jogendra Behera and others would pressure to regain their seat for violation of BJD party policy.  Caste issue would spread other assembly constituency   and it would lead sever caste conflict in BJD party. Frustrated BJD leaders and workers belonging to the general caste have openly threatened to support other party general caste candidates during elections for giving respect to their caste.
 Joint secretary , Nikhil Utkal BrahamIn Mahasabha Mr  Guruprasad Triparty has informed that there is no objection for the candidature of Mr Das because SC category has right to contest from general seat. He also expressed that if SC community having the percentage of 12 are lobbying for SC candidate so general caste having 88 percentages would react and also fight for their rights in assembly seats so it would lead conflict between two groups of people.