Casteism should be shunned throughout the country
Vishnu Mohan | 27 Oct 2010

In some states, so-called lower ranks of population based on casteism are ruling the roost while in other states some have joined the middle class section of the population and also some of them have come up beyond the poverty level.

ALL THOSE people caring for upliftment of the society, who have made sincere efforts in raising the standard of living of people affected by casteism should feel satisfied in seeing their efforts yielding positive results. In some states, the so-called lowest section of society based on casteism are ruling the roost while in other states some have joined the middle class of the population, whereas some have been able to rise above the poverty level. However, there are many still living below the poverty line.

Recently, there was a report that one family belonging to a lower caste managed to migrate to a developed foreign country. The family was living there illegally for the past five years out of their total ten years stay. During this period, they were blessed with three children, who are attending schools. Government has decided to send them back because they are staying illegally.

Parents do not want to take the children with them because they feel due to their caste they may have to live in slums, jhuggies in India and therefore, they do not want to jeopardise the automatic citizenship status of a developed country enjoyed by their children due to their birth right. Plus also the fact that their children are also enjoying a better quality life with good education which they will find it difficult to give them back home. At the same time, they are also saddened that they have to live without their children. Some good Samaritans have come forward to help the children while their parents are away.

From the above article, it is clear that in some pockets of the country casteism is still in vogue and therefore, it is time big efforts should be made to remove the casteism feeling from the society so that every person feels free to lead a decent quality and dignified life.