sunaina suresh | 13 May 2014

This article is for those who are ready to listen, learn and challenge something their brain and heart really can not understand and feel. The agony of Indian caste system has infested the roots of this great country that principles, values and humanity is deterioration from the hearts of this country.

The mindsets that support birth-based caste discrimination its a peak time to get some facts and knowledge to help yourself from this crazy thinking which is just a unverifiable word of mouth. It is unfortunate that the country, where vedas were the foundation of our culture, we forgot the original lessons of vedas and got trapped in a variety of misconceptions regarding birth-based caste system and discrimination of people born in certain castes.

The misleading theories of communists and biased ideologists have already caused a great damage to our society and have sown seeds of differences. And all of us either suffer from castemnesia or get infected by it. The concept of caste is relatively new. Vedas contain no word that can be considered a synonym for ‘caste’. The two words commonly considered to mean ‘caste’ are jaati and varna. However the truth is that, all the three mean completely different things.

Firstly, the concept of caste is relatively new. Vedas contain no word that can be considered a synonym for ‘caste’. The two words commonly considered to mean ‘caste’ are jaati and varna. However the truth is that, all the three mean completely different things.

Jaati means a classification based on source of origin. Nyaya sutra states “samaanaprasavaatmika jaatih” or those having similar birth source form a jaati. An initial broad classification made by rishis is four fold: Udbhija (coming out of ground like plants), andaja (coming out of eggs like birds and reptiles), pindaja (mammals) and ushmaj (reproducing due to temperature and ambient conditions like virus, bacteria etc). So animals like elephant, lion, rabbits etc form different ‘jaati’. In same manner, entire humanity forms one ‘jaati’. A particular jaati will have similar physical characteristics. Thus jaati is creation of ishwar or god.

Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya and shudras are no way different jaati because there is no difference in source of birth or even physical characteristics to differentiate between them. Does a so called todays uppercastes have their heart at right or eyes behind the head or in anyways is there blood golden in color. So to be precise , even if the common usage jaati’ is being used to imply any kind of classification. However that is merely convenience of usage. In reality, all humans form one single jaati. The actual word used for brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya and shudra is ‘varna’ that means color, actually to fill colors in society.‘VARNA’ means one that is adopted by choice. Thus, while jaati (the birth origin) is provided by god, ‘varna’ is our own choice, ie; proffesion or duty. Those who choose to be arya are called ‘arya varna’. Those who choose to be dasyu become ‘dasyu varna’. Same for brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya and shudra. That is why vedic dharma is called ‘varnashram dharma’. The word varna itself implies that this is based on complete freedom of choice and meritocracy. Those involved in intellectual activities have chosen ‘brahmin varna’. Those into defense and warfare are ‘kshatriya varna’. Those in economics and animal rearing are ‘vaishya varna’ and Those involved in other support functions are “shudra varna”. They refer merely to various choices of professions and have nothing to do with any jaati or birth. So if you are in a national or civil defence you are a kshatriya ,it professional or a teacher you are a brahmin, business man or trader vaishya and if you are the one who help and support the society for well being you are a shudra. Moreover There is no way to decipher if a upper caste or lower caste of today are actually children of same of yesteryears.Regardless of whatsoever Gotra or Rishi name one may utter, there is no way to test the veracity of the claims. Ailush Rishi was son of a Daasi, gambler and of low character. However he researched on Rigveda and made several discoveries. Not only was he invited by Rishis but also made an Acharya. (Aitareya Brahman 2.19) Prishadh was son of King Daksha but became a Shudra. Further he did Tapasya to achieve salvation after repenting. (Vishnu Puran 4.1.14) Had Tapasya been banned for Shudra as per the story from Uttar Ramayan, Strange how could Prishadh do so? Satyakaam Jaabaal was son of a prostitute but became a Brahmin. Nabhag, son of King Nedishtha became Vaishya. Many of his sons again became Kshatriya. (Vishnu Puran 4.1.13) As per Bhagvat, Agniveshya became Brahmin though born to a king. Rathotar born in Kshatriya family became a Brahmin as per Vishnu Puran and Bhagvat. Shaunak became Brahmin though born in Kshatriya family. (VP 4.8.1). In fact, as per Vayu Puran, Vishnu Puran and Harivansh Puran, sons of Shaunak Rishi belonged to all four Varnas. Matanga was son of Chandal but became a Brahmin. Raavan was born from Pulatsya Rishi but became a Rakshas. Sons of Vishwamitra became Shudra. Vishwamitra himself was a Kshatriya who later became a Brahmin. Vidur was son of a servant but became a Brahmin and minister of Hastinapur empire. The word “Shudra” has come in Vedas around 20 times. Nowhere has it been used in a derogatory manner. Nowhere it mentions that Shudras are untouchable, birth-based, disallowed from study of Vedas, lesser in status than other Varnas, disallowed in Yajnas. Also rakshas is a varna which is a synonyms of criminal. Often mantras of purush sukta are cited to prove that brahmins originated from mouth, kshatriya from hands, vaishya from thighs and shudras from legs of god. However nothing could be more deceptive. The actual meaning is: in society, brahmins or intellectuals form the brain or head or mouth that think and speak. Kshatriya or defense personnel form the hands that protect. Vaishya or producers and businessmen form the thigh that support and nurture (note that thigh bone or femur produces blood and is strongest bone). Shudra or labor force form the legs that lay the foundation and make the body run. Thus, its a pity that such a beautiful allegorical description of society and creation is distorted to mean something that is completely contrary to vedic ethos. Since the four varnas refer to 4 kinds of activities by choice, as per vedas, the same person exhibits characteristics of the 4 varnas in different situations. Thus everyone belongs to all the 4 varnas. And hence, all humans should strive to be all the 4 varnas to best of their capabilities, as per vedic wisdom. This is the essence of purush sukta. And some people are following the false myth of casteism blindly from millenia because of the craziness flowing from mind to mind. Its the only reason that has led us to 2000 years of slavery. The dirty picture of discrimination in our country gave an undue advantage to colonial power to rule over us. They segregated Indians by caste, granting administrative jobs and senior appointments only to the some castes and depriving others of similar right.We started and they continued thats what is Divide and rule. Alas !! It still persist.If you blame politician for cheating on you, you are the one giving reason for them to play. However, on a deeper analysis one finds that the basic need for this system was simply to ensure a healthy and flexible society unlike the one which has been rigidified due to the colonial misinterpretation and mistreatment of varnas, resulting in the castes as we find them in the present day India . The original varna system was quite flexible in which one's varna could be changed based on one's skill and was not fixed as is often understood. So, do you think you really know vedas. God did not discriminate us as his creation ,then who are we do so? Please dont follow false believes try to know the truth and let the world know too. Caste depends on your karma , dont let your karma lose its dignity by this worst kind of terrorism of caste discrimination. Harrassing , discriminating and abusing people on basis caste is like being demon and chosing rakshas varna. Hope noone wants to be one . Lets unite together as we are meant to be and raise our dignity. SO NOW to whomsoever it makes sense please let every third person know the truth and for others who still want to be bound to this social evil for the fake tag of superioty or fear of inferiority then my friend you need help indeed. I would shut up with these lines OF RIGVEDA :  "Te ajyesthaa akanisthaasa udbhido amadhyamaaso mahasaa vi vavridhuh | sujaataaso janushaa prishnimataro divo marya aa no achaa jigatana ||" Meaning- Among these men there are no superiors or no inferiors, no middle ones either. They become great from small beginnings. They make progress in different ways by dint of their merits. By birth they are all highborn because they are all children of Mother-Earth. O you men of the Lord Refulgent! be available to us in a loveable manner or grow into praise-worthy souls in fair ways.