Castism has became trend in 2014 elections
Rajni Verma | 13 May 2014

Lok Sabha elections is about to end as only one phase i.e 9th phase has left. This is a last phase of election in which fortune of each candidates will sealed in EVM. But the struggle of fetching votes in voting bank is still on and unfortunately in a history of Indian Politics this is the first time when elections has shattered the unity of Indian society in different castes.

Politicians are more keen to fetch votes on the basis of castism and by making their vows according to the need of particualar community. Even two basic categories i.e Hindu and Muslim has been cleaved into many of parts during LK elections. Presently, BP pime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi had related himself to the OBC category and before this Congress claimed to be with Muslim community. The two basic categories i.e Hindu and Muslim has been cleaved into many of parts during LK elections.

This division has been done by those politcians who find it a easy way at their end. But still being aware of such reality these politicians or political party are not able to do away from caste. Few analyst examine the main motto behind such act of these parties.



Dr. Kaushal Panwar, professor of Delhi University


During elections nations has been divided into different-different castes and even people do vote on the basis of same. Candidate find it easy to fetch more votes in their vote bank as people started relying on castism. And castism is the only one through which each candidate get elected in elections. And this is very bad that Indian politcians are opting for such stratergies.


Vidhya Bhushan, social activist


The caste identity is more powerful than the religious identity and their main focus is on Hindutva card. After demolition of Babri mosque BJP couldn't got government in UP. The assertion of the Dalit and Backward community is not a cast-ism but its a assertion against the upper caste vexation toward them. They were asserting. And whatever Modi is doing is not a assertion but purely a foul play as he is trying to play with the sentiments of people. Lower caste has been exploited by upper one. Political parties hadn't done anything to work for these parties and focused more in fetching votes. Modi is the one who said once that he was 'Chaiwala' and now he belongs to OBC category but he never said that he is Dalit as he knows that above two categories are the who will vote for him only. OBC because this category segment is quite big (55-60% population in UP and Bihar). And just to influenced them he is giving such statement. He is trying his level best to fetch more votes at the end of Lok Sabha election by relating himself to any of community. And I feel it doesn't matter that either you born in that particular community or not but main question is that what you have actually done for that particular caste or community. That is what Modi is continuously telling to the welfare of backward community and if people will analyses the same then right candidate will be elected.


Dr. Anand Pradhan, professor of IIMC


Caste is a social reality in India. Its not just a social reality but a identity. It is a 'feudal' and 'medieval' identity. Its is regressive identity as it is not that much progressive one. Because India has failed to modernized the society, where caste identity should have gone and the new individual identity could have emerged and even new things need to be bring up. The way most of Europe has changes in last 200 years the whole concept of modernism, constitutionalism and democracy is basically related to new identity of individual which is based on individualism and same need India to follow. But here in India we are still defining ourselves according to our religion and our caste. Caste identity is so important even everyone is defined by their caste only. I must admit this is very crude reality of Indian society. On the one hand there are Dalit, OBCs who were and still facing a discrimination because of their caste. So, till you remove discrimination or change whole society I don't think caste will go away. Personally I feel it is strange and politicians has started using it to get votes or to make different caste as a vote bank. So, there is very little scope of any change, I am not denying that caste in one hand is social identity and crude reality we cant ignore it as it is still defining different religions in different parts of country but one the other hand it would have better Indian democracy had done away with this caste identity and I don't see any of change as party ultimately use short cuts as they have left with no option. They use such regressive identity to get votes.