Catch 22 situation for both Congress and RSS
Naim Naqvi | 20 Nov 2013

I’m not commenting here about the uneasy situation in which BJP and Naredra Modi have finally landed with the snooping episode of a mature girl from Gujarat. Everyone knows how seriously it has damaged the image of BJP; everyone knows now that the Gujarat Police, IB, Anti-Terrorist Squad and Ahmedabad Police Crime Branch are the main agencies involved in carrying out massive illegal surveillance on persons specified by the political bosses.

They track movements, tap mobile phones, get locations and call detail records (CDRs) from the mobile phone service providers. According to the top Guj official, "He himself prefers the BSNL landline phone at his residence when he wants to speak about confidential matters." 

The extent of snooping is so pervasive that Gujarat's Director General of Police Amitabh Pathak was shocked to learn in May that his own police officials had obtained call detail records of as many as 93,000 mobile phone numbers without his knowledge since December 2012. 

According to reliable sources, "The Gujarat government has an extensive illegal phone tapping and surveillance network in the country. Not only political opponents and rivals but even Modi administration bureaucrats, industrialists and senior police officials are not spared from illegal surveillance."

But now it is Catch 22 situation for both Congress and RSS.

There are many definitions of this term but the simplest are as follows:

1.  A situation in which a person is frustrated by a paradoxical rule or set of circumstances that precludes any attempt to escape from them.

2. A situation in which any move that a person can make will lead to trouble.

Actually, I feel extreme fatigued now with this phenomenon ‘Narendra Modi’ and many a time I resolve never to write about him again. But the solid determination is washed down soon as the whole-sale adulation of media and its open partiality in favor of Modi compels me to write again.

“Sonia Gandhi Chattisgarh men sabha ko samodhit Karen gee aur Narendra Modi garjenge.” This was the main news for days not long ago on all TV channels directly lionizing Modi without actually declaring him the winner. Media is no longer tired him calling 'Vikas Purush' while most the authentic development reports put Gujarat lagging behind several large and small states of India. There is blanket coverage of his every hiccup and sneeze.

Media is not defensive about his divisive politics and controversial past. He is trying to escape the issues. He never faces the press and tough qustions. There is a no discussion how he would solve the problems country is facing; there is no discussion about his limited knowledge of history and geography and his ‘isolated’ and ‘arrogant’ personality; there is no emphasis about the future of India if person who provokes so strong negative emotions would  take the reins of this country. Except the one dimensional concerted argument and effort of build brand ‘Modi’ every argument pales into nothingness and insignificance. That he is still facing numerous court cases and there is still strong resistance from civil society that holds him responsible for the worst pogroms in world history is no longer an important issue.

 India is a country with its roots in pluralism, justice and rule of law and the country would not easily accept a divisive outfit and its leader who is still bears enough incriminating evidence against to nail him down. There is only a mild discussion and benign reference of 2002 Gujarat in some concerned circles which is doused with the pleasant dreams of glittering future. Media seems to be in a trance and it wants the India into a trance. The Corporate game looks like winning.

Modi is a presented as a reformed and informed politician who has done a “lot” for the Muslims post 2002. Let us forgive and forget the ugly past and we should move on. Look to the future as wonders are waiting for every Indian in the store. Look at all the development Gujarat has seen under Modi over the past 12 years and think of all he could do for the rest of India. Concocted Poll after opinion poll is implanted to project him as the TRIBUNE of masses. While public is sulking and indecisive, Media is jumping the fences to enthrone him in Red Fort.

Brand ‘Modi’ is a reality, ‘Act’ Modi is a figment of imagination. There are invaluable lessons for Congress to learn if there is still some fight left in this organization. Little time is left for introspection and correction. The truth is that it were the media managers of brand ‘Modi’ who were setting the agenda and it were the slumbering leadership of Congress who gave them a free hand. Instead of taking the fight to Gujarat, to Modi’s turf, and exposing his false propaganda, hyped growth and communal agenda of RSS, they did fight shy of facing him head-on. Congress behaved like a coward soldier and gave full liberty to Modi to brainwash and manipulate the masses. Congress leader carefully avoided taking on the Gujarat leader on his home ground for fear of upsetting Hindu sensibilities and there was no leadership left if Gujarat to challenge the RSS Juggernaut. With the election defeat the first time, they stopped discussion about the Plot Modi. They failed to challenge his dreadful legacy. It was only the Supreme Court that caught some criminal red-handed and proved to be the saving grace in this murky situation.

Full marks to the courageous voices like those of Harsh, Sarabhai, Teesta Setalvad, Mukul Sinha, many more and the police officials like Rahul Sharma who refused to be cowed down and took the bull by horns.

Modi tried to make a mockery of Congress, he challenged the basics, the foundations of Congress. Unfortunately, Manmohan Singh maintained a stiff upper lip as if there was no one in Congress to give a proper response. Narendra Modi is a night mare and he is knocking at the doors of Delhi. Congress is still sleeping. The party has no clue what to do. It is still wading through the corruption scandals and scams.

It is time to wake up from the slumber. Take bold steps. Ask Rahul Gandhi to take the back seat. Allow Priyanka to take up the mantle of leadership. Make confessions for the blunders of Manmohan’s leadership or absence of it. Don’t let the disaster to fall. The free fall could still be arrested if Congress corners Modi at his pitfalls which are plenty. Country is in NO rush to accept Modi as its leader if there is someone who could promise the realistic positive future and nails to the mast the lies and propaganda of RSS. Priyanka charisma and gravitas may still rescue the Congress and secularism in India.