Cattle worth Rupees 2.50 crores rescued by the Agam Kuan cops in Patna City

The open field of north east corner of Zero Mile was looking like a rural cattle in Patna City today morning. This place was guarded by the cops of Agam Kuan police station and the active members of the Bajrang Dal Patna Mahanagar.

About 247 rescued cattle including cows, bulls and buffalo from the international animal traffickers were tied with plastic ropes in the narrow roadside field. It is situated just in front side road of Zero Mile Police Check Post in Patna City. Thirsty, hungry and terrified mute cattle were awaiting for fodder,water and shade in this hot season.

Sub Inspector Krishna Murari, inspector Tarakant Jha and woman inspector Manti Sinha were also present on the site for the safety of the rescued cattle. All animals were marked with different colored symbols with enamel colors on their body or horns. A water tanker of Patna Municipal Corporation was also present in the service of the thirsty cattle.

"On the basis of the a message about the animal trafficking we informed the SHO of Agam Kuan Police Station Uttim Singh on Tuesday afternoon to rescue the animals. With the help of the active Patna cops and the Bajrang Dal members, we rescued about 247 cattle from the claws of animal traffickers in the evening. The members of the animal traffickers were loading the innocent mute cattle on trucks.But due to the strong protest the traffickers threatened us with arms like dagger and pistols." said Mukesh Sanatan the active Co Convenor of the East Patna Bajrang Dal Patna Mahanagar at Zero Mile in Patna City today to this citizen journalist today afternoon.

"But KrishnaMurari the sub inspector of the Agam Kuan police station,Patna saved me, Kamlesh Kumar Kunwar and other members from the armed gang of the animal traffickers on Tuesday evening.Luckily the driver of a truck Naushad was arrested by the cops. Their plan was to transport these animals worth Rupees 2.50 crores to Bangla Desh.The numbers of the three trucks were BRO1GD4854, BRO1GC8253 and WB25B9121."said Mr Sanatan.

The members of the Bajrang Dal Amit Gupta, Gupta,Pankaj Gupta,Vikash Gupta,Murari Singh,Pushkar jee,Ravi Mishra,Kaju and Chhote Singh were serving fodder and water to the thirsty and hungry rescued cattle under the guidance of Mukesh Sanatan and Kamlesh Pratap Kunwar in the field.

"The greatest problem is to provide sufficient fodder and water to the animals.We are trying to send these rescued cattle to Gorakshini Sabha in Khusrupur,Patna (Bihar) with the help of some workers and Bajrang Dal members today. Three more animal traffickershas has been also arrested today. " said Krisna Murari the sub inspector of the Agam Kuna police station,Patna to this citizen journalist.

Three animal traffickers Md Arshad (22) of Betia,Amarjeet Kumar (32) of Hajipur and Md Iddu (42) of Paliganj were locked in the Hajat of the Agam Kuan Police station in PatnaThey said that they are selling animals in Bihar only not in Bangla Desh.

"We call the cow as our mother. But what we are doing for the Mother cows.We should do something for the protection their rights in the society." said Arpita Bose, the animal welfare activist and secretary of Care and Compassion for Animals,Patna.

"We want ban on animal trafficking according to the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India for the animal welfare in India.There must be amendment in the laws related to the cruelty against the animals for the stringent punishment like death penalty to the animal traffickers" said Chandrashekhsr Tilak the treasurer of District Animal Cruelty Prevention Committee, Bihar,Patna.