Causes of short circuits leading to fire accidents should become a regular study till the situation is well under control
Vishnu Mohan | 26 May 2014

Press reports once a while do come up with fire accidents resulting from short circuits in electrical fittings in different places across the country. Regular study should become a norm for all concerned for finding out why such short circuits do place and how to control the same in the future.

Recently, there were reports that a huge number of electrical meter boxes of some shops are located in the kitchen of a hotel.  Gas stoves are burning for at least 12 hours a day in this kitchen.  There were also reports that electrical transformers were located in the basement of some buildings.  It is also reported that in some places there is absence of any fire fighting equipments in some buildings.

The above are few examples with regard to vulnerable situations from safety view which can also lead to short circuits of electrical fittings.  With a proper study done regularly, more and more facts and figures may emerge with regard to short circuits leading to fire hazard. 

Concerned agencies can do well take the above issue seriously and do everything to ensure that short circuits leading to fire accidents get controlled throughout the country.

Hoping the above merits consideration at the right quarters.