Cease Terrorism
Ankita Sharma | 16 Dec 2008

Current terrorists attacks are really curse to our society and some measures should be take to cease them.


Cease terrorism

Current terrorists attacks are really curse to our society and some measures should be take to cease them.

Safely protected in my mother’s womb I was nil about the riots happening in 1984. Terror, non-violence, cruelty and communalism were still untouched to me when I was born in 1985. I am not being judgemental or not being opinionated but I will acknowledge all the terrorists in this world to make us understand the importance of values like peace, non-violence, harmony, brotherhood and unity. The moment I begin going to school I was taught all these values in my moral science book. If we go according to the sayings then knowledge is only effective when it is practically taught. Riots happen and we get the flavour of socialism, brotherhood and harmony as people participate in helping victims. The whole country is united and maintains two minute silence for all the martyrs.

Expressing gratitude to jihaadis and terrorist is not a solution to any problem. Why is there any need to revive these moral values on the cost of peoples’ life? In 1984, 3000 Sikhs died in Delhi itself. There were countless deaths, rapes and injuries. Same was in 1992, communal riots. People were terrified and agony was not limited to one community, all were affected. Year 2002 Godhra scandal, it was evidence as a curse where 1196 deaths were witnessed. Since 2005, more than 400 deaths are on the records in the serial blasts of Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Jaipur and Banglore. The recent one is 26/11, Mumbai attack 80 people were killed and 240 injured. Mumbai attack is one of the greatest terrorist attack leaving behind the 9/11 attack in U.S. India has been fighting since 1857 and still the battle continues; only opposition keeps on changing. Being land of battles, one should not feel proud having ancestors like Maharana Pratap and Shivaji but there has to be a full stop. Let us breathe, get relax and inhale the peace a bit. “Gandhiji, a Noble prize in peace belongs from our land, in his remembrance lets achieve some peace in the country” says Kritika.

We cannot afford loss of anymore life, so what if we have large population. Rohitash whose 2 nieces died in recent bomb blast quoted that “We should shoot all of them, as forgiving is left to God and we should fix their appointment with God”. Rightly said but defending him Latika said “killing is not an issue but there is no end to this problem. The more we will kill, the more they will be made. Terrorist are made not born. We need to destroy their origin and united we have to do this.” General awakening is seen in the news papers as people are participating in candle light march. Important celebrities are coming into rallies and organising events for the social cause because this time high class was targeted. The founder member Youth Parliament spoke “there is enough of candle light marching but time is when we have to work daily.” That is what her team members are doing revising the code of ethics of the society.

Incredibly Indians are demanding for their safety into their own motherland, but according to Hindu mythology this era is called as Kalyug and we really need one Ram to save our lives. Prithu a NRI felt humiliated when his American friends asked that is India just like Iraq? Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, director Rang De Basanti opinionated that “I loved to see the Rang De Basanti spirit in the people but there was one more message where I demanded youth to join army, police and politics, I cannot still feel this spirit.” Hearing that Industrialist like Ratan Tata and Infosys chairman Narayan Murti are showing interest to join politics make us to release some tension. Hoping for more efficient people to join our administration this is the right time when we can unite and reform our land. Youth is the energy and Youth is the cure for the entire problem. Identify terrorist and remove them is our duty because they are one of us. Vigilence and responsibility should be possessed by everyone. With all those values revived lets rock together in the name of peace.