Census 2011 - protection should be provided to enumerators
Reetika Mandovra | 25 Feb 2011

The Indian government should ensure that the enumerators who are conducting the 2011 national survey should be given adequate protection whenever needed.

CENSUS IS a process in which Government of a nation use to conduct a counting of its citizen.The similar process is followed by India also. In India the census survey is always done after a decade or ten years. For this survey the Government of India appoints some government servants or employees like teachers etc who were allotted with the specific area.
As we all know that this year is also the year of census and for this process government of India appoint some employees or census enumerators. But the question raise here is that there is no protection provided to these enumerators or the Government Servants. Because some time when these people are doing there jobs the general people use to misbehave with them. Sometimes the situation moves to not just verbal as well as physical fighting like someday back there was an incident where two teachers of M.C.D school were allegedly beaten-up by two persons in east Delhi.
The victims Arvind Kumar & Sunil Kumar were conducting the census survey in the area of West Karawal nagar when the incident took place. When the Police came both men were beaten hardly then they taken to the hospital and were later discharged. All the above incident shows that there is no protection provided to the persons who are actually helping the government in their work.
The situation is that the common are still misbehaving with census enumerators. We general people use to say that census survey is very easy task but the reality is totally different because these enumerators have to face many challenges like misbehaviors’, abusing etc. But the Indian government still waiting for another incident to take place then the police will take some action to protect these enumerators.