Center issued new guidelines as Swine flu toll crossed 400 in India
Narendra Ch | 13 Feb 2015

The Government of India worried with the toll due to Swine Flu crossed 400 in the country, it has come up with the new guidelines for the States to combat the H1N1 outbreak. The toll reached 130 in Rajasthan and 116 in Gujarat, since January.

It has asked States to categorise cases for screening, isolation and hospitalisation. Health workers have been asked to screen people with symptoms of the flu on the basis of their severity and categorise them.

In Category A will be those who do not require testing for H1N1. Patients with mild fever, cough and sore throat, body ache, headache, nausea and diarrhoea will be put in Category A and can be monitored for 24-48 hours. These patients will be advised to stay at home and not mingle with the others. They will not need testing for H1N1 and no treatment with Oseltamivir.

In Category B will be those who have all the symptoms mentioned in Category A, but have high-grade fever and are in the high-risk category and will need treatment with Oseltamivir and will have to be confined at home. High-risk category includes children with mild illness, pregnant women, persons over 65, patients with lung, liver, heart, kidney, blood or neurological diseases or have been on long-term cortisone therapy.

In Category C will be those who have all the signs and symptoms of Category A and B and depending on their health condition will have to be hospitalised. If the patients have breathlessness, chest pain, drowsiness, fall in blood pressure, sputum mixed with blood, bluish discolouration of nails they will need to be immediately started on the medicine and hospitalised.

This category will also include children with influenza-like illness, high and persistent fever, inability to feed, convulsions and difficulty in breathing. A health official said, since there has been more awareness, people with symptoms of the flu are turning up at health centres for detection, which is also a reason why more cases are being reported.

In Rajasthan, 13 people succumbed to swine flu including a Swiss tourist in Jodhpur. With this death toll has risen to 130 and 1631 people were tested positive this year. Health Minister Rajender Rathore said Auyurveda, Unani and Homeopathy system of Medicine also found effective in curing H1N1 virus. He said Ayurveda department has given Kadha drink to more than five lakh people who showed swine flu like symptoms.

In Gujarat, 8 more persons succumbed to swine flu in Gujarat yesterday. The death toll in the state since January has reached 116 due to H1N1. 3 deaths were reported in Ahmedabad, 2 each from Vadodara and Dahod and one from Surat districts. Meanwhile, 123 new positive cases of swine flu have been reported during the last 24 hours.

Total number of cases in the state has reached up to 1233 this year. Highest 46 new positive cases of swine flu have been reported from Ahmedabad district, while Kutch and Surat district have reported 17 new cases each.

In Telangana, six persons died yesterday due to swine flu in Hyderabad taking the death toll to 48 since January this year in the state. Four of them died at the Government Nodal Hospital for the H1N1, Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad while two died at private hospitals due to complications arising out of Swine Flu. They include one person from Prakasam district of the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh and another from Karnataka state. Hospital Authorities said all of them brought in a very critical condition.

Over 40 patients are under admission currently in the special ward of Gandhi Hospital. Meanwhile, 39 more persons were tested positive for H1N1 yesterday.