Central Employees union alleged state government to ignore their demand
B K Upmanyu | 23 Dec 2013

All India Central government Employees & workers co-ordination Committee Himachal Pradesh Demanded state government for notification regarding category change in remote locality of Yol cantt. which effect locality allowance of around 1200 civilian employees working at Yol.

Speaking to media General Secretary Desh Raj Sharma told that a meeting of committee is being held in the presence of President A S Bhangalia and resolution has been passed that if the state government will not resolve their long delayed demand soon then they will have to agitate against it and only the state government will be responsible for this agitation.

Briefing the remote locality allowance Rana told that Dharamsala and Palampur are catogarised in ‘C’ category while Yol which is more rural area than these stations is kept in ‘D’ category which create huge financial loss to the central employees working here. If state will make change in it, their will be no harm to it because they are being paid by the central government.  

General Secretary said that we are interacting with the state government since 2003 but no any action has been taken by the government till today. Initially committee send a written request to the Deputy commissioner (DC) in  2003 and DC forwarded it to The Principal Secretary (Finance) Himachal Pradesh vide Letter no. SDM /DHS/MC /760/SDA. 

Later on the same Case has been approached to the concerned MLA’s with effect from 2003 to till today. The same case was also discussed with Urban Development Minister and MLA Dharamsala Sudhir Sharma  in December 2012 and Minister forwarded the request letter to the concerned principal secretary and  assured for the same but till today no a single reply or query has been received by us which is very repulsive to us and forcing us to adopt the path of agitation.

In the end of the meeting President Bhangalia requested to the Chief minister Virbhadra Singh to personally intervene the matter so that the case can be resolved soon and the central employees who are working at Yol can be facilitated.