Challenges government face in upcoming Smart City Project
Rajni Verma | 16 Jun 2015

On 21 June, PM Narendra Modi is going to unveil the guidelines and plans of upcoming project Smart City Mission. Under this project India's each state's one or two cities will get a chance to get urbanized properly. Although the project aimed to bring urbanization in India but if government keep ignoring the challenges which this project likely to face in coming time then possibly things won't work as planned.

Apparently, Make in India and Smart City Project is very much connected to each other. Make in india is the national project which instigated by NDA government in order to facilitate investment, development of infrastructure, enhancement of skill development and to foster innovation. Whereas the main focus of Smart City Mission is to provide a platform to those cities which are more often visited by migrants in search of job and other basic requirements.

From increasing the ratio employment, waste and solid management, proper sanitation, un-interrupted water and power supply these all lies in Smart Cities Project which initiated by PM Modi and approved by Union Cabinet. Patently, all these can only happen if plans will be implemented properly and with everyone's consent.

Unfortunately, Indian farmers are not in support of Smart City Mission as it cajoling farmers to sale their fertilized land for small amount and without their whole consent. And which directly made majority of people to stand against Land Acquisition Bill which still engulfed in controversial row and waiting to get approved by the concerned authority. According to the bill the authority provided with a right to take anyone's land forcefully by paying un favorable amount. 

Perhaps, Land Acquisition Bill is the main concerned of this project as without the availability of infrastructure and land the implementation of the project is pretty impossible. But government should also think from farmers perspective. In order to fetch developed country tag government just cannot abdicate India's agricultural land badge.

Further, other challenge which likely to obstruct the proper implementation of smart city plans is absence of sanitation and somewhere failure of government instigated another approach of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Although government is trying hard to tackle up with issue but somewhere frail to make rural areas to adapt proper sanitation norms. But government's scheme of building at least one toilet at each home soon dissipated. However, as per plan, the national urbanization will be implemented and it is highly expected that things will turn positive.

Seemingly, government first need to clear controversial row and better be more impartial to explain the benefits of the upcoming project, so that it will gain full support.