Chalo Assembly seeking to reserve 25 per cent as free seats in private schools
Narendra Ch | 19 Mar 2015

Representatives of Political Parties, Student Unions, NGOs and Civil Society Organisations are participating in 'Chalo Assembly' on 20th March 2015.

They are demanding Implementation of 25 per cent free admissions in private schools to children belonging to Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) and Disadvantaged Groups under the provisions of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (Act No.35 of 2009 sec 12 (1)(c))

According to Convenor Mohammed Shaker Ali, the participants will gather at RTC Cross road 10.30 A.M., and will proceed at 11.00 A.M., in a rally to Dharna Chowk, Indira Park.  

A 5-6 Member delegation comprising of former MPs, MLAs and Student Union Leader and NGOs will go to the Assembly Hall and will submit a memorandum to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Ministers.


In spite of introduction of Central RTE Act No.35 of 2009, number of government orders by the Central and State Governments, our representations submitted  to the government at different levels drawing attention for 25 per cent Free Admissions as prescribed under the Act;    and the  judgment given by the  Supreme directing all Private unaided schools to admit 25 per cent Children belonging to weaker sections and disadvantaged groups in Class Act is not being implemented by The Government of Telangana and also by private schools in the State.


The Government of Delhi and Karnataka State have already started implementing the EWS Scheme to admit poor students in private schools as required by the Act and it is reported that over 60 thousand students have already gained admissions in the past two years. If this provision of the Act for EWS students is properly implemented in Telangana State, then at least two lakh poor students will get admission into private school free of cost in Telangana State every year eventually get admissions to private schools free of cost in Hyderabad city alone.


It was also noticed that some important clauses which are in the RTE Rules of Delhi Education Department are required to be incorporated in the present RTE Rules framed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and now applicable and being followed by the Government of Telangana if this Act is to be implemented properly.  Hence, they are seeking to have proposed revision in the present RTE Rules with addition of these clauses for introduction of New Model RTE Rules for Telangana State and 25 per cent Free Admissions as prescribed under the Act effective from Academic Year 2015-16.