Chandrababu is rolemodel for otherCMs

The second episode of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu's governance is appearing very different and interesting. The first part of nine years is also may be some adventurous to bring IT to Hyderabad. But the second innings of Chandrababu as chief minister shows more dedication and commitment in solving the people's problems rather than bringing IT industries.

Spending amidst of farmers for six long days in Anatapur and Chitoor districts for the cause of wetting ground nut fields is not a small one. Using rain guns and sprinklers he was succeeded in wetting nearly four lakhs of acres. Here I would like to mention one thing. Soon after he took the reins of state second term has faced Hud Hud cyclone which swept away Visakhapatnam. Facing that severe cyclone damage bravely he had stayed there for a week till it comes to normalcy. He co-ordinate the entire tem of officers on one rope and created the confidence in city people.

Likewise the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh this time he mingled with farmers to mitigate the watering the groundnut fields. He took no chance to drag on the situation and implement the action immediately with rain gun strategy. This time also he did an excellent job coordinating with officers and also his ministerial colleagues. Ministers also came to know how much hardship in assisting people in difficult days.

Krishna Pushkaralu might have prevented him to take 'mission Anantapur phase -1' in a much before time. Krishna Pushkaralu is one among the government works successfully completed by Chandrababu Naidu. Everyone who had come to take bath in Krishna in Vijayawada has praised like anything.  Neatness and good sanitation is the mark of recent Krishna pushkarams.

Earlier to all these things he brought the Godavari waters to Krishna delta through Pattiseema Lift irrigation from west Godavari district. That was a great helping to the farmers otherwise a good amount of paddy crop would have been dried of. This might be the inspiration of Anantapur ground nut mission.

Above all he bravely polled the 34000 acres of land without paying a pie to farmers for a world class capital which is a rare record.