Chandrababu Naidu to skip off NTR's shadow
Narendra Ch | 13 Jan 2015

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party's president N Chandrababu Naidu for the first time is launching two government schemes from Sankratni festival, the most auspicious festival for Telugu people that associated with rural wealth, with his name.

Till now, for the last seven months after returning to power with a gap of ten years, attempting to bring back party's founder and his father-in-law N T Rama Rao's image by naming several schemes after his name.

However, it seems the early euphoria of the Chandrababu government to affix NTR with all new programs and schemes and replace them with that of YSR appears to have eclipsed. In the same spirits of the congressmen who named most of programs and schemes after Rajiv Gandhi, to please Sonia Gandhi, many TDP leaders are now hitting on the idea of naming popular programs after 'Chandrababu or as Chandranna.

After waging a political battle for renaming the domestic terminal of RGIA at Shamshabad as NTR terminal, the TDP seems to have grown a new zeal in lobbing the name of their ' visionary CM- Nara Chandrababu Naidu' now Now TDP leaders and ministers are more eager to float the name of Chandrababu Naidu in place of NTR and want programs and schemes named after him .

Hardly within two weeks two new schemes and programs have been announced bearing the name of Chandarababu, aptly termed as ' Chandranna ' One is the Chandranna Rythu kshetram ' and 'Chandranna Sankrantui Kanukalu' (Sankranti free gifts to poor). Chandranna Rythu Kshetranm is a program (a rename of YSR's Polam badu program ) of pilot farming in 50,000 farmers were being enrolled under the scheme.

Announcing the scheme last fortnight the Agriculture minister P Pulla Rao had said that the unique scheme would help farmers to undertake scientific farming methods with micro irrigation tools and aim at high yields through technology aided marketing

Chandranna Sankrantui Kanukalu a scheme that delivers necessary raw eatables to the homes on Sankranti this year. Also termed as 'Chandranna Sankranti Gift Pack',the BPL families with white ration cards are entitled for six essential commodities worth Rs 220.

In 1995, when he first became Chief Minister after dethroning his father-in-law through a coup, Naidu tried hard to wean away from the shadow of N T Rama Rao by removing his photos at all party and government programmes.

However, sensing losing his popularity before 2004 polls he tried to bring back Rama Rao's name, but unable to win confidence of people. Being in opposition for a decade, for the last couple of years he has been trying his best to prove him self as true successor to his father-in-law and tried to pamper Rama Rao's family members too.