Chandrababu returned from Delhi with disappointment?
Narendra Ch | 17 Jan 2015

After two days hectic lobbying in New Delhi, meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 11 other senior ministers, Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu returned last night in a disappointed note as he failed to get any soaps he has been expecting from the center since assuming office.

Deplored over the mute silence from the Center over the commitments it has made for Andhra Pradesh state following bifurcation, Chandrababu Naidu made serious efforts to build pressure on his political ally BJP and also prime minister Narendra Modi. Insisting on the the  need  to redeem  their  commitment to  state including funds, Special Category Status , completion of Polavaram etc on a war footing, he tried to present crisis the state is facing.

After seven months, Naidu reminded  the   finance minister Arun Jaitley that the state did not have funds  to pay salaries and Rs.320 crore was due to AP from April onwards, During his meetings he sought help from Centre for the beleaguered  and truncated state of Andhra Pradesh. 

During his meetings he repeatedly struck home the point all the sacrifices he made for BJP, including giving two ministers out of four BJP MLAs and accomidating Nirmala Sitaraman with a Rajya Sabha seat.  

However, TDP circles are worried over the casual attitude of Narendra Modi government, who conveyed hims firm signal that they do not want to appear to be favoring only  AP as  BJP is keen to grow in Telangana also. Obviously NDA might take a second look on the issues of  AP and Telangana only after the Delhi assembly polls.

Whatever  happens , the  center  appears to be very firm  that they don't  want to look  Naidu friendly in the back drop of  post  2004  scenario  . BJP  knows  where Naidu's soul  is  and it is  definitely not towards BJP  as a soul  mate  but only  as a  power mate.

 "I've brought the issue of Special Category Status for AP and financial package for the state to Prime Minister. Also sought him additional Rs 1500 Crore for the Employment Fund",. he Naidu told  Media

Interestingly while Chandrababu Naidu is insisting on center  implementing  the assurances as per  AP reorganization Act , while union minister M Venkaiah Naidu, who is also hails from AP is keen to amend  the act  first  and later  give  sops  to both  AP and Telangana . 

Chief Minister seems to be concerned over mute spectator role of the center over several disputes coming up with neighboring state of Telangana on issues like water sharing, entrance examinations and bifurcation anamolies.