Change in Congress party is likely to have positive impact on Lok Sabha-2014 elections
HARISH DIDO | 30 Dec 2013

The major changes at the district level by the Congress High Command in view of coming Lok Sabha elections, are likely to improve the party status to greater extent.

The newly appointed Chamkaur Singh as Congress District President is seen in this context by the people of the city and Congress workers.  It is said that Parminder Singh Pinki is behind all this show to make him District President and is seen as a good fortune for him. He has targeted many  persons with one stroke by getting Chamkaur Singh nominated as District President. 

In fact, the popularity of Pinki is creating a problem for the senior Congress leaders.  As per the sources, while there are indication of its impact on Pt.Bal Mukand,former Cabinet Minister, there are also indications that the hold of Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi, Congress MLA from Guruharsahi constituency  in the Centre also looks to be loosen as the party has not been benefitted too much with continuance of former District President Anoop Singh who is known as leader in the party like the pawn of chessmen but the politics of Chamkaur Singh is actively working with Parminder Singh Pinki who has become more strong  in the district.

As per the sources, in the coming Lok Sabha elections, the change in party leadership is going to have major impact because Chamkaur Singh who is from village Dhindsa with rural background, is enjoying a  good influence in rural areas. Sources say that this time, there are three major contestants for Lok Sabha elections – former MP Jagmeet Sigh Brar, Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi and Parminder Singh Pinki Congress MLAs from Guruharsahai and Ferozepur City.  While Brar is not residing in Ferozepur, Sodhi too has made a good niche not only in his constituency but in whole of the district.

According to another source, after the nomination of Chamkaur Simgh District President,who is said to be person of Parminder Singh Pinki, will definitely support him in the coming Lok Sabha elections, in case the party high command gives nod to Pinki but this is definitely going to create a tough-track for other candidates whereas the party is going to improve its situation to greater extent.